New version of MobileSputnik 1.5 server: now featuring web-access support


New version of MobileSputnik 1.5 server: now featuring web-access support
MobilityLab (I.T. Group), located in the IT cluster of the Skolkovo innovation project, has announced the release of a new version of MobileSputnik 1.5 server, which is a mass-market software product designed for organizing mobile workplaces. The new web client complements already existing mobile client applications for iPad and Android tablets and expands the list of user-available MobileSputnik computing devices by introducing PC and Smartphone support.

MobileSputnik turns iPad and Android tablets into true enterprise mobile workplaces, giving users familiar PC capabilities, providing rich functionality, usability and security while working with corporate files at any time in any place. The MobileSputnik server is deployed within the corporate network and integrates into the IT/IS landscape, enabling centralized management, monitoring and secure access to enterprise files.

The new version of the MobileSputnik 1.5 server expands the means for corporate users' access to an enterprise's information resources, enabling them to use web browsers for working with linked file resources from nearly all available devices. The new web client promotes the MobileSputnik user self-service portal, which allows users to link shared Windows folders and SharePoint libraries as personal file resources for accessing them from mobile devices. The MobileSputnik web client features an adaptive web design based on HTML 5, which allows it to be used with all modern web browsers on any platform and screen size, including PCs running on Windows, Mac OS X and Linux, and smartphones.

The web client ensures secure access to linked file resources when using SSL. If necessary, IT departments can select a web client and the self-service portal deployment script, which will limit access by the enterprise network's perimeter. MobileSputnik server's policies allow use of the web client at the level of independent MobileSputnik user groups.

Other MobileSputnik 1.5 server innovations include: 
  • ability to incorporate users into defined MobileSputnik groups while they are added from the Active Directory corporate directory service
  • support of Active Directory groups for users' batch linking to MobileSputnik, including batch addition to MobileSputnik groups 
  • compatibility of MobileSputnik with Infotec's ViPNet information security infrastructure to ensure secure access of mobile clients by using certified cryptographic information protection solutions that meet the requirements of the Federal Security Service of Russia (FSB) for class KS1 cryptographic information protection solutions and implementing GOST 28147-89 standard for encryption of transmitted data, using keys of 256 bit length.
  • ability to deploy failure-proof, cluster-based configuration of MobileSputnik, which is compatible with Citrix NetScaler applications delivery controller
"Even though version 1 of MobileSputnik was released just this year, we were able to supplement the new release with a number of important improvements and new features, which allows even more convenient and safe mobile operations with corporate data," said Sergey Orlik, Managing Director of MobilityLab. "It's no secret that a large percentage of enterprise users in medium-sized and large organizations use cloud-based consumer file sharing services to increase their own performance without consulting with IT and IS departments, and quite often in spite of adopted policies and procedures. The new MobileSputnik web client provides enterprise users with more advanced functionalities than similar tools of consumer file services. Most innovations in MobileSputnik were made due to real challenges facing our customers. Unique user functionalities, combined with developed and constantly improving capabilities of the MobileSputnik server, originally designed for the corporate environment, make MobileSputnik the best solution for secure and truly mobile work with file resources at enterprises."

Current MobileSputnik mobile clients for iPad and Android tablets and file synch agents for PC are fully compatible with the new version of MobileSputnik server.

Availability of the new version and ability to try out the product

The new version of MobileSputnik 1.5 server is already available. The currently installed version is updated by using automated MobileSputnik deployment tools. 

Users can try out MobileSputnik in two ways:
  • "Demo": linking of mobile clients and access from the new web client to the product's existing demo product server, available from the Internet 
  • "Trial": deployment of the fully functional 30 day trial version within the corporate infrastructure
For a product trial, submit your request at: 
MobileSputnik client for iPad in Apple AppStore:
MobileSputnik client for Android tablets in Google Play:
MobileSputnik client for Amazon Kindle Fire HD and HDX tablets:
MobileSputnik agent for PC is shipped together with MobileSputnik server.

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