Seeing Security. Security Vision showcase launched in I.T. Co.


Seeing Security. Security Vision showcase launched in I.T. Co.
I.T. Co. has launched a dedicated zone for continuous demonstration of the solution Security Vision. This solution is demonstrated at I.T.'s headquarters in Moscow. The showcase has been set up in order to demonstrate monitoring of nearly all modern information protection tools, consisting of any hardware and software components. 

The Security Vision information security management system is designed to automate the information security management process at organizations of all sizes, pursuant to ISO/IEC 27001. The system has a modular structure and can generate up-to-date reports and recommendations regarding the state of information security company-wide and within individual security systems. Security Vision supports centralized updates of the document database, enabling one to download over 70 up-to-date information security document templates.

The showcase can demonstrate handling of incidents and simulation of the detailed, step-by-step attack. For this purpose, specialists of I.T. Co.'s Information Security Competence Center have written several scripts with an intruder trying to penetrate the controlled zone or, for example, planning to attack a server and workstations within LAN. All these illegal actions are suppressed by an information security operator using Security Vision.

The Security Vision system has been on the market since 2007 and today is the leader due to its high manageability rates and high performance of business-processes related to a company's security. This solution has been implemented in over 50 large organizations, being in equal demand by both commercial and government entities. The Security Vision information security management system has won numerous awards of various conferences and ratings of relevant publications.

"Security Vision has undergone significant evolution over the years. The solution has significantly expanded its functionalities, platform-related, and, what is more important, quality-related changes were introduced, which made it shift from a class of systems for the collection and correlation of security events to comprehensive enterprise security management systems," said Ruslan Rakhmetov, Director, I.T. Company's Information Security Competence Center. "As the showcase's trial period has shown, it was the right decision to set it up. In spite of the availability of the Internet, exhibiting the system directly has its advantages which our customers benefit from. The showcase has operated without a single idle day for several weeks."

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