DIRECTUM in the Analytical Center under the Government of the RF


DIRECTUM in the Analytical Center under the Government of the RF
A project to implement the DIRECTUM enterprise content management (ECM) system has been launched in the Analytical Center under the Government of the RF. I.T. Co., as a certified DIRECTUM partner will develop an integrated electronic document management system for more than 150 users.

The FSBI "Analytical Center under the Government of the Russian Federation" provides expertise and analytical support to the Russian Federation Government, forming an expert panel and providing a prompt and competent analysis on a wide range of problems concerning the nation's social and economic development.

The need to increase the quality of work and performance of the Analytical Center, as well as issues related to reducing labor and administrative costs resulted in the decision to completely automate the document flow.

The main problems set before the developers were the automatization of the incoming and outgoing document flow, internal and administrative documents handling, conferencing and management of administrative discipline. Furthermore, the system will be implemented through cooperation with the participants of the interdepartmental document flow system and integration with the state services portal.

According to the open tender results, I.T. Co. was commissioned with the project development, implementation and launch of the electronic document flow system. The DIRECTUM ECM system has been chosen as the software platform. During the project, I.T. Company's staff will perform the front-end engineering design, setup the system according to the customer's requirements, and train more than 150 users to use the ECM system.

About the Analytical Center under the Government of the Russian Federation
The mission of the Analytical Center is to improve the quality of data used in the analysis and prognosis of social and economic processes and phenomena, the management of government projects and programs, as well as strengthening cooperation with expert and research centers, groups and specialists for the development of an external expertise base. Special attention is paid to cooperation with the Russian regions, international organizations and scientific research centers for the dissemination of best practices of real-time and strategic monitoring of socio-economic development.

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