Oil and Gas RSU speaks out and shows


Oil and Gas RSU speaks out and shows
The first mass defense of diploma and qualification works of students took part in the Gubkin Russian State Oil and Gas University broadcasted online in real time. Since the beginning of June 2013, thanks to interactive systems created by I.T. Co. to support the work of the university’s thesis boards, anyone could attend the defenses of 140 university graduates online.

At the end of 2012, I.T. Co. provided the equipment for 13 auditoria of the Gubkin Russian State Oil and Gas University to create interactive complexes to support the work of the institution’s thesis boards. The complexes make it possible to broadcast the events, record and store information in different formats and enable interaction of users, including remote ones.

After the hardware and software complexes were installed, the educational institution successfully tested them, thought out all the options of their use and finally opted to integrate them directly into the educational process, in particular – defense of term and diploma papers.

The first online broadcast of diploma papers defense of the Oil and Gas RSU students took place on June 3-18, 2013. Users were required to register the university web-site to take part in the real-time sessions of the State Certification Boards. As a result, all those who wished – HR services of all the leading oil and gas companies that are the university’s partners, parents, specialists working in this scientific and technical field – could witness the process of formation of the Gubkin University graduate.

The created interactive complexes are capable to display digital presentation materials and other video information from various sources of video signals, ensure direct online broadcasting of events, connecting remote participants, including in the webinar format, support audio- and video-recording of events taking place. The speaker can input remarks and annotations over the materials displayed, and the images, diagrams, formulas created by them will be displayed interactively. For users’ convenience, integrated management of all the presentation equipment was implemented with the help of one sensor panel.

“After implementation of the interactive complexes to make the system of theses defense in the course of thesis boards meetings more liberal and transparent we did not stop on that. Now the defense of qualification graduate works is also broadcasted online. This decision of the University management was made to increase transparency of educational processes in the higher educational institution and enables us to show the highest level of Gubkin University graduates and the quality of their graduation works,” noted Yuri Klochko, Head of IT Department of the Gubkin Russian State Oil and Gas University.

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