Oracle BI now used by Uraltransbank


Oracle BI now used by Uraltransbank
Uraltransbank, assisted by I.T. Co., has completed a project, which deployed the intelligence platform for administrative report management system, based on Oracle BI platform.

As your business grows, more and more data comes in. To collect them is a very time and effort-consuming task, which – if solved – will ensure the business’s success and development. The best choice in this case will be to begin to use a data warehouse (DWH) or a Business Intelligence system.

The project to launch an intelligence platform for administrative report management system started in 2010, initiated by Uraltransbank’s IT service. The system was to be built on Oracle Business Intelligence (Oracle BI) solution with one of the main advantages being flexibility in setting up connections between datasheets, which results in quicker formation of reports.

The key challenge of the first stage was to set up the structure of the data warehouse to be later synchronized with real-time accounting ABS. The Oracle Data Integrator (ODI) process solution was chosen for the ELT-platform (Extract, Load and Transform), which fully addressed warehouse data uploading and updating needs.

The data warehouse’s logical model was configured with the help of Oracle BI tools. These efforts resulted in several topic areas (showcases), dedicated to money lending, customer accounts and clients’ payments. Final administrative reports were made with the help of Oracle BI Answers tool, which is an interactive report generation platform with a user-friendly interface. The “advanced” business users were granted access to independent report generation tools in Oracle BI Answers, which took some load off the IT department.

Automatic delivery of administrative reports to bank managers started at the first stage. Oracle BI Delivers components enable delivery of reports via e-mail or SMS-message, notifying of the ready report waiting. The results of this stage were that employees started regularly receiving reports they needed, and the number of recipients gradually increased. Such mode of operation was becoming more and more popular, which required expansion of data warehouse for other bank’s products. In 2011 the bank's computer programmers developed such topic areas of Oracle BI Answers as Retail Deposits, Legal Entity Deposits, Cash Management Services, Conversion Deals, Interbank Credits, etc.

The next step in deploying Oracle BI business intelligence system in Uraltransbank was transition from plain to interactive intelligence, with reports delivery being no more of importance. This became possible owing to Oracle BI Interactive Dashboards module, which is a set of ready-made reports, grouped according to a specific business-logic.

Today’s Oracle BI system has reports for the following business areas:
  • Consumer and small business credits
  • Cash management services
  • Deposits
  • Debit cards
  • Payment documents, transfers, financial accounts, balance sheet
  • Client-focused activities, debt repayment
Introduction of data warehouse project has substantially reduced users' report generation. The easy-to-use structure of the warehouse has enabled the information to be stored in one place, configured reports grouping feature on Oracle BI web-portal, and reduced number of queries for data retrieval – which has taken some workload off the bank’s ABS. 

The first and foremost challenge to be addressed as part of developing the business intelligence system is to increase enrollment of business in intelligence report generation. Today the bank’s programmers are developing universal report generation kits, so that each system’s user will be able to make a report out of the available choice of topic areas. Such approach will take a great deal of load off the IT department, which will have more time for moving the system forward, as currently the bank is hardly using a half of all capabilities, offered by Oracle BI.

I.T. Co’s contribution to this project was to provide software licenses for Oracle BI, as well as advice and technical support for the customer’s employees.

About JSC Uraltransbank
JSC Uraltransbank is among few Russian banks, included in the rating of Fitch Ratings agency (London). Uraltransbank covers the whole territory of Ural: in Sverdlovsk, Tumen, Chelyabinsk and Kurgansk regions, and the Perm Krai. JSC Uraltransbank, in cooperation with the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD), promotes small business in Ekaterinburg and Sverdlovsk region. The bank has a complete small-business-focused credits package for consumers. In addition, the bank’s structure provides best combination of reliability and profitability for deposits, and offers a convenient choice of services, enabling clients to manage their money via the Internet and a large network of ATMs easily, quickly and effectively. 
See: https://www.utb.ru/ for details.

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