I.T. Co. supports the IT infrastructure of the L'Occitane chain


I.T. Co. supports the IT infrastructure of the L'Occitane chain
I.T. Co. is implementing a project related to providing a call-out technical support service to the L'Occitane Rus chain. For a period of one year, I.T. Co's specialists are going to support the accessibility of IT services at over 90 of the customer's facilities, thereby guaranteeing the uninterrupted performance of the equipment and business applications for constant operational activity during the shop's working hours.

L’Occitane en Provence is a French brand of natural cosmetics created using herbs de Provence. Today, L'Occitane has just under a hundred salons, located in all major Russian cities.

To minimize idle sales, the customer needed to arrange support to keep the shops' IT infrastructure in good working condition, and ensure the accessibility of the points of sale for IT services at the highest possible level.

After a tender for the setting up of a call-out technical support service, the company I.T. Co. was selected as a partner in IT outsourcing. The offer was the best in a whole range of parameters, including quality and organization of work, availability of a wide regional network and experience of outsourcing projects in network retail (technical support for Levi's and OGGI).

Under the agreement that was signed, specialists from I.T. Co. provide technical support for 90 L'Occitane shops in seven Russian cities – Moscow, Yekaterinburg, Kazan, Novosibirsk, Rostov-on-Don, Saint Petersburg and Omsk. The service covers all of the customer's shops that require uninterrupted functioning of IT equipment from 9.00 till 22.00, Monday to Sunday, including days off and holidays.

Under the agreement, which is due to last one year with a possibility for extension, I.T. Co. specialists are going to provide a call-out support service to deal with the following requests:
  • diagnostics on faults and elimination of failures in the functioning of software and equipment, including cash desks, managers' PCs, network equipment, additional equipment (multi-functional devices, label printers, data collection terminals, all-in-one PCs, projectors);
  • delivery and installation of equipment from the exchange fund;
  • restoration of performance and replacement of equipment and software in the event of electricity supply failures, faults, the effect of viruses, incorrect user actions and other technical failures;
  • connection and installation of IT equipment in new shops; automatic acceptance of new shops for support.
Rostislav Kovalenko, IT Director of L'Occitane Rus, had this to say regarding the implementation of the project: "After we began working with I.T. Co., the accessibility of the shops' IT services increased significantly. Specialists from IT's technical support outsourcing department are responsibly implementing the SLAs implemented within the framework of the contract for call-out support for the shops. Using unified information support, our partner provided a simple and convenient procedure for forming requests and tracing applications, regardless of the shop's location. The partner's reliability enables us to look to the future with confidence and form plans related to opening new shops for our customers. Our IT infrastructure is now under reliable control."

About L'Occitane Rus
L’Occitane en Provence is a French brand of natural cosmetics with production in Manosque (France). It was founded in 1976 by Olivier Baussan. Its founder wanted to create the brand in order to revive and preserve the traditions of Provence. 
In 1980 it opened its first boutique in the Provence town of Volx, then in 1996 opened a boutique in Paris. In 2000 L'Occitane opened its first salon in Moscow, at the Nautilus shopping center. Today, L'Occitane boasts over a hundred salons in all major Russian cities. In Russia, L'Occitane's products are represented by L'Occitane Rus LLC. In 2011, L'Occitane was named one of the 50 most successfully developing brands according to Jim Stengel (Stengel 50 List). 
L'Occitane's range includes products for skin care, body care, hair care, perfumes and scents for the home. Its product lines are created around one key herbal ingredient and are named in its honor – lavender, almond, olive, juniper, etc. All the ingredients are grown in Provence, except for berbine and immortelle, which L'Occitane grows on Corsican organic plantations, and karite butter, which L'Occitane produces in Burkina Faso. While creating its cosmetics, the company adheres to three core values: sensuality, authenticity and respect.

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