Uralvagonzavod implements a corporate EDMS with the help of "Business Logics 2.0"


Uralvagonzavod implements a corporate EDMS with the help of "Business Logics 2.0"
"Business Logics 2.0" (I.T. Group) and the scientific and production corporation Uralvagonzavod have created a unified electronic document management system on the IBM Lotus Notes/Domino platform, at the Ural-based firm. As a result of the project, electronic document exchange was set up between the holding enterprise and remote structures, the monitoring of performance discipline was made to run more smoothly, and costs related to paper document processing were cut.

The scientific and production corporation Uralvagonzavod OJSC named after F. E. Dzerzhinsky is at the head of the integrated structure, which unifies over 20 industrial enterprises, scientific and research institutes and design offices in Russia and Europe. Executive and internal document flow is one of the most important aspects of the company's operational activity. Document flow automation became a priority task due to the need to increase the efficiency with which the corporation carries out work that is spread over a large territory.

The large-scale project to implement the automated electronic document management system (EDMS) was due to take several months. A joint implementation team was formed in order to implement the project successfully, and a unified access point was set up for the executor at the customer's facility. The management of Uralvagonzavod provided all the required organizational support in the form of orders and instructions.

The requirements of the project were to minimize expenses on document processing, ensure adherence to corporate standards in relation to work with documents, significantly reduce paper flow and related overheads, and also enable swift and coordinated decision-making to support corporate electronic document flow.

The implementation team optimized the business processes of the documentary aspect of the company's management and developed regulations and instructions. Experts from "Business Logics 2.0" created a standard solution for corporate enterprises on the IBM Lotus Notes/Domino platform, which became the corporate standard of EDMS for the whole of Uralvagonzavod. First of all, the corporate headquarters in Nizhny Tagil and the Corporate Management Center in Moscow were shifted to the new electronic document management system: over 1500 workplaces were automated. After that, the process of copying and scaling EDMS was launched, with the corporation's remote enterprises being connected to the unified document flow system. The exchange of electronic documents between all the corporation's structural subdivisions has now been set up.

The following basic business processes were automated during the course of the system's implementation:
  • processing of incoming and outgoing correspondence;
  • administrative documentation and memos;
  • monitoring of performance discipline at all levels of execution;
  • reliable storage and rapid search for information, delimitation of access rights and data protection.
The following efficiency indicators were achieved upon completion of the project to implement EDMS: total costs related to paper document processing were cut by 40%, the time required to search for information was reduced by 90%, and the speed of response to incoming requests rose to 75%.

"The system implemented at the holding company proved to be efficient in terms of compliance with the requirements set for it. Therefore, in order to increase the transparency and manageability of business processes and the corporation in general, the decision was taken to select this EDMS as the corporate standard for all the enterprises that form part of the holding company's structure," noted Irina Svendrovskaya, Manager of Uralvagonzavod's EDMS Development Project.

The future development of Uralvagonzavod's automated electronic document management system includes automation of the archive workflow management process, copying of the centralized archive system on the basis of IBM FileNet solution, and implementation of legally significant electronic document management via the introduction of an electronic digital signature mechanism.

"During the many years it has been operating, "Business Logics 2.0" has developed a unique methodology for implementing large-scale projects in the field of document flow automation, based on experience of constructing the largest, widely dispersed EDMS. The sequence of actions is of the utmost importance when working on such a serious project: first we investigated and optimized the business processes, then we formed the concept for the construction and further development of the EDMS, approved the results of analytical work with the business, and then began to implement the system," comments Georgy Podbutsky, Commercial Director of "Business Logics 2.0".

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