Vladimir Dubovoy appointed as a new top manager at I.T. Group


Vladimir Dubovoy appointed as a new top manager at I.T. Group
I.T. Group announces the appointment of Vladimir Dubovoy as the Deputy CEO of I.T. Co. and Executive Vice President of "Aplana. International Projects", which is part of the company group. Vladimir's area of responsibility will include working with the I.T. Group's strategic customers.

As the company's new top manager, Vladimir Dubovoy will focus mainly on expanding business partner relations and establishing contact with prospective customers. His tasks will also include close cooperation with I.T. Group's business partners in the field of business development, in accordance with the market plans of the I.T. Group.

Vladimir Dubovoy has a wealth of experience in the field of strategic business development and international consulting, which he picked up whilst working on major business projects for outsourcing companies in the IT services market in Russia and the USA. Thanks to V. Dubovoy's efforts at his previous places of employment, contracts were concluded with companies in the Fortune 100 list, a long-term agreement was signed with TNK-VR for outsourcing of field engineers, and an IT outsourcing contract was signed with one of the leading players in the Russian insurance market.

"We anticipate that Vladimir is going to play an important role in our work with key customers, enabling us to promote the new IT solutions which we are offering to Russia's biggest companies," observed Tagir Yapparov, Chairman of the Board of Directors of I.T. Group of Companies. "I am glad that Vladimir has joined our team. His knowledge and experience will help to build up stable relations in the market and ensure that the whole group achieves its strategic aims."

Brief biography of Vladimir Dubovoy

Vladimir Dubovoy was born in 1971. He graduated from the Russian Economic University named after G. V. Plekhanov, and in 2001 graduated from REU's Interdisciplinary Institution of Advanced Training, majoring in "Business and Intellectual Property Evaluation". In 1993 he achieved a Master's Degree from Kishinev University in the field of economic journalism.

In 2007 Vladimir founded US Information Technologies, Inc., which represents the business interests of software developers and suppliers from Russia, Ukraine, India, China, Brazil, etc. in the USA. USInTech is a sourcing company which works with corporations in the USA in the field of identifying reliable and competent suppliers of IT services in key categories: ERP consulting, mobile solutions, building up DPCs and corporate IT infrastructure, information security, and software development on a by-order basis.

In 2008, while working at EPAM Systems, Vladimir created and successfully managed the practice of system programming and open-source software development, whilst simultaneously working on major transactions in the field of ERP system implementation, including contracts with Gazprom and other Russian and overseas companies. 

In 2011 Vladimir Dubovoy was named Vice President of the Optima Group and Managing Director of the Group's affiliate, Optima Software. He signed major direct contracts with Russian companies in the oil and gas and insurance sectors, as well as companies working in the field of electronic health-care. While managing over 300 IT specialists, Vladimir cooperated closely with the CEOs and IT Directors of the leading resource-producing firms, insurance companies and banks.
In addition, Vladimir is a member of the supervisory board of Agria Mobility, a Californian company working in the field of mobile technologies, with representative offices in the USA, China, India, Korea and Poland.

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