Skolkovo residents to create a unified cloud standard


Skolkovo residents to create a unified cloud standard
The innovation companies Unicloud Labs (Moscow) and Startpack (Kazan) have signed an agreement the key point of which is joint development of a unified API (Application Programming Interface) standard for cloud applications. The purpose of this standard is to simplify the integration of business applications into the so-called cloud markets – access points to a business problem-solving environment for Internet users, accessible to all kinds of devices.

Today, users of cloud services still have to contend with the difficulties of the "pre-cloud" epoch when solving particular business problems – the services remain autonomous, information is doubled up between them, and in most cases the services have no effect on one another whatsoever. Tools such as e-mail, on-line accountancy, project management and HR management systems, cloud data repositories, and applications for browser-based document editing will become more flexible, convenient and efficient if they are integrated within one another in unified packages. Integration such as this is making it easier to manage safety, pay for services and provide essential monitoring of employees' actions. Each employee has a single point of access to cloud services. And, most importantly of all, it becomes possible to exchange data and construct thorough business processes using several cloud services. The advantage of integration for application developers is that they can reduce costs on additional development and marketing, as the "cloud markets" support billing and provide their own marketing for all the integrated web services.

The standard created by the companies is intended not only to solve the problems mentioned above, but also to enable developers of cloud services to connect their programs to thousands of others in the simplest possible way, thereby reducing the volume of integration works and saving time. Unlike the existing ones, the new standard will entail amendments to third-party cloud services and the possibility of connecting services to the existing API without any changes needing to be made. The concept of the standard also entails distribution of the API developed among all of the world's "cloud markets", which means developers will have no problems transferring their application from one "market" to another. This advantage will encourage growth in the cloud market: more users will be able to access the required applications immediately via the usual "markets", whilst developers will see a rapid increase in profits, which they will be able to invest in expanding the functionality of their own products. Moreover, cloud services that support Startpack and Unicloud Labs' standard will be connected simultaneously to the services of both companies, and will appear in the respective products – www.startpack.ru and www.business365.ru as early as in 2013.

The companies invite cloud service developers represented in the Russian market to open up a dialog and be among the first to be integrated with the new standard.

Unicloud Labs
The company was created in 2011; it is a member of the I.T. Group, and became a Skolkovo resident in September 2011. In January 2012 it received a development grant from the Skolkovo Fund, and in August 2012 it marketed an innovative cloud solution to automate the small business Unicloud Business 365 (www.business365.ru), which is now used by thousands of people. The company has offices in Moscow and Ufa. For more details visit the website 

Startpack is a supermarket of cloud applications created to solve business problems and making it possible to manage access to cloud applications, unified access and unified payment for all the applications used. Startpack, which is developing this system, is a graduate of the Kazan IT park business incubator, and a resident of Skolkovo Innovation Center. Read more here

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