I.T. Smart Systems solution has effectively organized activities on Sibur-Khimprom warehouse


I.T. Smart Systems solution has effectively organized activities on Sibur-Khimprom warehouse
I.T. Smart Systems (I.T. Group) completed automation of the warehouse of finished products of Sibur-Khimprom CJSC. For a short time, production warehouse management system and its integration with corporate information systems was implemented, based on 1C platform, which made it possible to reduce labor costs and optimize logistics. Project cost amounted to a little less than 5 million rubles.

Sibur-Khimprom CJSC is a subsidiary of SIBUR, the largest petrochemical complex in the Western Urals. The company specializes in the processing of liquid hydrocarbons and production of a variety of petrochemical products. In 2010, Sibur-Khimprom started production of polystyrene foam, designed for packaging, temporary storage and shipping of finished products. The warehouse for polystyrene storage with a total area of 2800 square meters and a capacity of 1800 tons was the object for automation.

Contractor selection was carried out on a competitive basis. Several WMS-systems, created by leading market players, were introduced at the tender. I.T. Smart systems solution has been chosen since the company was able to offer customers an integrated approach and ensure the best-quality implementation of the selected solution, and its continued development and support.

In the course of the project, I.T. Smart Systems has analyzed and formalized business processes of the warehouse, designed the future WMS-system, delivered and installed hardware and software components, configured the components of WMS-system, and by introducing specific integration modules has provided data exchange with the external information systems (multiple solutions based on 1C platform and “Laboratory Information System”). After that, warehouse automation system was tested, and then put in commercial operation.

Due to the introduction of WMS-system, Sibur-Khimprom managed to increase control and quality of operational management for all technological areas of the warehouse in the real time, and to achieve transparency and formalization of warehouse processes. In addition, by providing operational analysis of the storage status and delivering of diverse reports on time, labor costs for planning and execution of shipments, warehouse operations performance and risk associated with existence of expired products have been significantly reduced.

About Sibur-Khimprom
Sibur-Khimprom is part of the Directorate of Plastics and Organic Synthesis, headed by its Managing Director Sergey Merzlyakov. Gennadiy Shilov is the Managing Director of Sibur-Khimprom CJSC. Sibur-Khimprom specializes in the processing of liquid hydrocarbons and is one of the leading Russian producers of a number of important petrochemical products. The quality of products meets the best international standards. Sibur-Khimprom is one of the first in the petrochemical industry has certified quality system according to ISO 9002:96 in GOST R certification system.

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