I.T. Co has incorporated license management system for E4 Group


I.T. Co has incorporated license management system for E4 Group
E4 Group has a new service for managing software assets to build a more efficient and controlled IT infrastructure in the holding. This service is based on the license management system, developed by I.T. Co on Microsoft platform. The project managed to minimize the risks of using unlicensed software, reduce licensing costs for inactive programs, and increase the productivity of IT service.

Vertically integrated engineering company E4 Group during its expansion has encountered difficulties managing diversity of installed software. Each holding entity owned tens and hundreds of different vendors licensing contracts to be taken into account, including the need to permanently interact with suppliers and monitor software support contracts.

In order to improve management of complex IT infrastructure, the company management has decided to introduce a new service for software asset management. Automation of this process would reveal the overspending on software licenses, as well as refine the systematic records and licenses audit for system, application and specialized software.

After the comparative analysis of the existing solutions on the Russian and international market, E4 Group has selected the License Management System (LMS) of I.T. Co. There are two important advantages: 1) LMS is a vertical solution based on Microsoft System Center Configuration Manager (SCCM), which has already been implemented; 2) the system has clear support policy of new versions of the licensing rules.

I.T. Co experts with the assistance of Microsoft experts have launched a system in E4 Group in one month and made an inventory of all software applications that is used by more than 1,000 users. In addition to standard inspection, design, implementation and operation testing procedures, specific features of the company have required the adaptation of the system.

License management system has seamlessly embedded in the enterprise information infrastructure, and provides an efficient and smooth functioning of all the processes under control. As a result, the implemented project helped to minimize the risks of using unlicensed software and related inspections by law enforcement authorities. The first months of system operation have proved high efficiency of License Management System. It allows to increase significantly the performance of IT services through automation of routine procedures for license record and preparation of reporting information.

Commenting on the results of the project, Vadim Gavrilenkov, the Director of IT department E4 Group, identified several important points: “Now, there is no need for our IT professionals to carry out tedious and time-consuming procedures of licenses and software manual inventory, and the process itself requires a minimum of time. In order to further optimize the use of licenses, monitoring of real-use software is carried out. In addition, after training our employees have successfully applied the basic features of SCCM. In particular, the labor costs required to manage enterprise software in the workplace have been significantly reduced using Application Virtualization (App-V). In general, the introduction of License Management System allowed us to plan clearly IT budget for the next period and prepare for the renewal of Microsoft contract”.

About E4 Group
E4 Group is a vertically-integrated engineering company (EPC (M) Contractor) that has a holding-type management structure. E4 Group is a part of RU-COM business group. The company consists of the largest power industry enterprises, including design institutes, construction and erection companies, and engineering equipment manufacturers, which enables the company to carry out a full cycle of works by its own on a turn-key basis throughout Russia. Today, E4 Group ranks among leading engineering companies of Russia. The holding operates in the territory of the Central, North-West, South, Siberian and Far East regions. Besides, E4 Group has been also implementing projects beyond the Russian Federation – in the Socialistic Republic of Vietnam and in the Republic of Belarus, where permanent representative offices have been operating since 2010 and 2012, accordingly. The head office is located in Moscow and it focuses on functioning as the general contractor in the new construction, retrofitting and reconstruction of power generating facilities at thermal power enterprises, and it simultaneously develops new areas of its business at nuclear power enterprises, power supply network construction, metallurgy, oil and gas, forestry, chemical industry, and other areas. 
At year-end 2011, the Company keeps on holding its position as a leader in the engineering construction market. It occupies a dominant position with regard to overall capacity under the EPC-contracts concluded and under execution (3834 MW). The market share of E4 Group is 20% as per the Order Portfolio of the year 2012 for large-scale contracts (construction of power generating facilities of over 100 MW). 

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