IT and the business – Enterprise Mobility in Russia: investigation results of I.T. Co in 2012


IT and the business – Enterprise Mobility in Russia: investigation results of I.T. Co in 2012
Center for the Enterprise Mobility of I.T. Co presented the results of Enterprise Mobility market research in Russia in 2012. The Center conducts annual surveys among the participants of the “Day of Enterprise Mobility” conference, which allows identifying the current status, dynamics and prospects of the present-day mobile devices in the business environment.

This research “Enterprise Mobility in Russia 2012” is based on the results analysis of the survey carried on the 2nd Annual Conference “Day of Enterprise Mobility” held in October 2012 in Moscow by the Russian Union of IT Directors (SoDIT) and the Center for Enterprise Mobility of I.T. Co. The audience of the conference is represented by the Russian enterprises and companies, which are the most interested in the business application of advanced mobile solutions.

According to the study, three-quarters of respondent companies indicate that mobile technology is a tool that increases the productivity of employees, and nearly half of the respondents highlight their potential to optimize existing business processes and create new ones, which in general follows the pattern of the previous year.
In 2012, medium-level managers are provided with smartphones in 27% and tablets only in 4% of the companies. While the planned increase in the number of companies going to provide medium-level managers with the smartphones and tablets is 11-12% for both categories of mobile devices. The fastest growing category of mobile employees are the representatives of IT and IS sectors, 27% are provided with the smartphones and 16% with the tablets, and the projected growth is 14% and 16%, respectively.

In this study, there is an increase in the number of business users of smartphones and tablets. By the end of 2013, more than half of the companies are going to provide access to enterprise resources from smartphones and tablets for a wide range of employees. In terms of mobile solutions, the greatest growth in 2013 will be in mobile access systems to the key performance indicators (32%) and document management systems (29%). Among the most popular mobile solutions are mail systems, intranet portals and file access system, exactly as it was the last year.

According to last year survey, the variety of mobile devices was indicated by the respondents as a major obstacle in their effective use, while in 2012, it is the difficulty of integration of mobile devices with information security service (55% vs. 44% in 2011). The cost of mobile devices, which was important in a few organizations (18%) in 2011, is highlighted this year as an obstacle for 35% of the respondents. At the same time, the cost of mobile data is not an important constraint – only 4% in 2012, and 14% in 2011.

Mobile devices with access to enterprise resources are equally divided into personal and corporate (centrally procured by the companies or paid by the companies for their employees). Meanwhile, 65% of companies today still do not provide access to corporate resources regardless of mobile devices affiliation.

The growth of the Android devices usage is observed in 2011, as well as in 2012. In accordance with the results of last year's survey, the number of smartphones increased by almost 10% in 2012, while the percentage of companies whose employees use Android tablets doubled, showing rise from 23% to 47% compared to 2011. Apple iOS and Google Android are the undisputed leaders among the smartphones and tablets platforms.

For more details on this survey, please see the website of the Center for Enterprise Mobility.

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