Bitsa Equestrian Sports Complex and IT Co. Present the First Results and Perspectives for the Reconstruction of Moscow Olympics Facilities


Bitsa Equestrian Sports Complex and IT Co. have completed the first stage of work to to create an integrated technical security system for one of Moscow's largest Olympics facilities. The project is part of the Bitsa Reconstruction Program within the scope of preparations for Olympics 2012 (Moscow has submitted a bid for hosting the Games). The reconstruction of the sports complex is being sponsored by the Moscow Mayor's Office.

Famed not only throughout Moscow, but far beyond its outskirts, Bitsa complex was built esapecially for the equestrian competitions of the 1980 Olympics. Today, this equestrian sports complex, one of the largest in Europe, with area of more than 45 hectares, is used as facilities for various international and national competitions, training facilities for renowned athletes, training new generations of Russian equestrians, and, quite naturally, as one of the best rest and recreation spots for Muscovites.

In 2002, a full-scale capital renovation and reconstruction program was launched at Bitsa, with the Moscow Mayor's Office actively participating. The reconstruction was necessitated by the facilities' considerable age in the face of new, contemporary requirements for world-class sports facilities. It's well known that Moscow is actively competing for the honor of hosting Olympics 2012. As it had several decades ago, Bitsa Complex should be ready to provide a fitting reception and a safe stay for the world's best athletes, spectator crowds, and of course equestrian sports' big stars, the horses themselves.

“Thanks to constant control on the part of Moscow Mayor, capital renovations on Bitsa territory are progressing rapidly. At the moment, approximately 90% of renovation work has been completed: facades, the riding stadium, the arena, have all been renovated, the stables have been fully renovated, along with the majority of administrative facilities and the hotel. The newest all-season carpeting has been put down on the main and training dressage fields. Moreover, a new training arena, repair workshops, and a separate building for the car fleet have been built,” underscored Sergey Rusakov, the CEO of Bitsa Equestrian Sports Complex.

Obviously, today, security plays a key role in choosing the facilities for any mass event, let alone major sports events. That means that the safety requirements for sports facilities of Bitsa's scale are extremely stringent and are the most crucial component of technical equipment.

The outfitting of Bitsa Equestrian Sports Complex with technical security systems began in the Fall 2003. IT Co. was chosen as the contractor after winning a bid where determining criteria included profound technological expertise, the availability of the necessary resources for mass-scale diversified work, and experience with similar projects.

As Igor Suncheley, the Director of IT Co. Networking Technologies Department, notes, “when we began drafting, our initial goal was the creation of a system not only based on the most effective and perfect technological solutions, but also open to further scalability and expansion of functional capacities. There is a multitude of facilities on Bitsa territory which are absolutely different in scope. There's a riding stadium, arenas, stables, a sports complex, a pool, administrative buildings, workshops…Each of these facilities has its own specifics, each has its own separate corpus of norms and standards. In the process of reconstruction, the number of facilities will grow. Because of this, we strived to design the most flexible system possible, which would be simply expanded if necessary.”

As of today, top priority security tasks have been resolved, which are the protection of people and horses. The following facilities have been equipped with technical security systems: Bitsa equestrian complex, which includes 5 stables housing approximately 240 horses, the veterinary clinic, and the largest grandstands at Bitsa: the arena, the riding stadium, the dressage field, which together house more than 7,500 spectators, as well as the central square, the athletic complex and the hotel.

For each of these facilities, IT Co. has developed a solution that took into account all the maintenance specifics and provided the optimal security solution based on the price/quality ratio. The solution package includes security TV monitoring, fire and security alarm systems, a system for speech, sound, and flashing fire alarms and evacuation management, and metal detectors.

All systems are controlled from a central console. Bitsa Complex is meant to have several integrated control centers. Currently, two are operating. One of the centers houses the controls for the riding stadium and adjacent equestrian complex objects, and the second center is for controlling the sports complex and hotel systems.

What does it actually look like? Control center monitors allow for the observation of everything happening on the territory monitored by surveillance cameras. The cameras are controlled by the means of a regular computer mouse, enabling the controller to efficiently get the image from any sector of the facilities, for instance, the riding stadium with grandstands meant to seat 5,000 people. Moreover, image quality is so high that by zooming in, the controller can clearly see spectators' faces.

Or, for instance, in case of smoke or unsanctioned access to facilities, the sector where fire and security alarm detectors go off will be immediately illuminated on the control center monitor, even if it's the door to the stable of a horse named Fairy. If several detectors go off, the voice announcement system will automatically turn on.

The security systems package, designed and implemented in the course of the initial stage of the project, will allow for continuous monitoring of people's movements and behavior, providing reliable protection of facilities from intruders, and control and management of emergency situations.

In the course of the project, IT Co. specialists also trained Bitsa Complex staff responsible for system maintenance.

In the nearest future, the development of Bitsa Complex technical security system will involve scaling the system to include new objects, first and foremost the new arena, garages, workshops, etc., equipping new control centers and integrating them with each other, designing a centralized control and access management system, construction of a perimeter security system, integration with Moscow security systems, and overall development of the entire technical security system package.

About Bitsa Equestrian Sports Complex
Bitsa Equestrian Sports Complex is Europe's largest equestrian sports facility. The construction of Bitsa began in 1977 as Moscow was getting ready to XXII Olympics. The complex was officially opened on July 4, 1980.
Combined with the Bitsa Forest Park, Bitsa Complex' substantial territory in excess of 45 hectares, provided sufficient space for all three equestrian Olympic competitions during the 1980 Olympics (dressage, jump-off, and racing).
Bitsa Complex frequently hosts competitions of various rank in jump-off, dressage, and voltage, starting with amateur competitions and ending with Championships and Russian Cups, as well as international competitions. All athlete categories participate in the competitions: children, youths, juniors, professional athletes, and amateur athletes.
Bitsa Complex stables are Moscow's second largest following the Moscow Hippodrome. The complex has 5 winter stables and 3 summer stables.

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