IT Co. Finishes Upgrading and Integrating Pipe Metallurgical Company (TMK) Communications Into Single Corporate Network


IT Co. has finished upgrading Pipe Metallurgical Company (TMK) communications, integrating them with the corporate IP network, and implementing a number of additional services. In the course of the project, TMK's HQ in Moscow and its factories in the cities of Volzhsky, Polevskoy, Taganrog, and Kamensk-Uralsky were unified into a single corporate telephone network with a common NPA, and distributed audio and videoconferencing were set up.

TMK, one of the world's largest pipe manufacturers, manages four major Russian pipe factories: Volzhsky Pipe Factory, Seversky and Sinarsky Pipe Factories, and the Taganrog Metal Works, located in Volgograd, Sverdlovsk, and Rostov Regions. TMK, the managing company, is located in Moscow.

All TMK factories are connected to the powerful corporate IP network. When IT Co. began the upgrade, the network was not being used to full capacity, which significantly exceeded network loads at the time. However, the existing communications system did not meet the requirements set forth by the dynamically growing, geographically diverse company, which began needing more efficient and reliable communications and additional services that would give the management and corporate employees an opportunity to quickly and productively resolve production and management issues regardless of geographical remoteness.

In order to solve this problem, TMK made the decision to upgrade the corporate communications system and expand its functionality. IT Co., with its 3-year history of projects for TMK, was contracted for the job. The project was launched in the summer of 2003, progressed in three stages, and was finished in February 2004.

In the course of the first stage, all the factories, corporate HQ, and TMK's trading house in Yekaterinburg were wired for videoconferencing, using Polycom ViewStations. In order to ensure simultaneous video communications between the HQ and all four factories, IT Co. used a Polycom MGC Accord Multipoint Control Unit. This server also gives audio subscribers an opportunity to connect to the conference after they dial a special videoconference access number. IT Co. specialists performed all the work involved in installing the necessary equipment, setting it up, testing it, and training TMK employees to run the system.

In the course of the second stage, IT Co. upgraded TMK factories communications and unified them into a single corporate network and a common NPA. In particular, multifunctional Avaya Definity PBXs with capacities ranging from 150 to 200 ports were installed at Taganrog Metal Works and Volzhsky and Seversky pipe factories. The PBXs at the factories and TMK HQ were integrated into the corporate IP network by using IP trunk technology. Because TMK HQ in Moscow and the Sinarsky pipe factory were already equipped with modern PBXs from other manufacturers, Cisco routers were installed and set up to unify the communications systems into a single network, ensuring reliable and accurate voice traffic exchange through IP channels between PBXs from different vendors.

Moreover, IT Co. specialists designed and implemented a single internal numbering system for all factories and company HQ. The system is based on the pseudo zone principle using unique four-digit numbers. The unified numbering plan IT Co. engineers designed for TMK corporate telephone network lets TMK employees use internal numbers and a single subscriber directory for long-distance phone communications.

During the final stage of the project, all the factories and corporate HQ were equipped with a system of distributed audioconferencing that allowed for party-line conferences, whether confined to a single location and connecting more than 30 people for a single audio conference, or between corporate facilities, with up to 140 subscribers. The system is based on autonomous audio conferencing systems installed at each corporate location and integrated into the corporate data communications network with Voice over IP technology. Participants are coordinated through administration servers, installed at each of the corporation's factories and equipped with custom software capable of performing the necessary algorithms and dialing subscribers in the TMK phone directory.

Thus, the IT Co. specialists constructed a single, geographically spread-out corporate communications system that combines both packet switching and the more traditional channel switching. All of its components, including telephony, audio-conferencing and videoconferencing, use corporate IP network channels and are part of TMK's multi-service telecommunications network, ensuring more effective channel operation, highly reliable data transfer, and quality communications.

“We expect the installation of state-of-the-art communications equipment and the implementation of communication services to help us enhance the efficiency of operative corporate management, while the more rational use of IP network capacities will help optimize communication channel operations, lower line rent and servicing costs, and cut the time and financial expenses due to frequent business trips,” said Sergey Korablyov, the Head of Informational Technologies Management at TMK.

IT Co. has worked with TMK for over three years. Among other projects, IT Co. has built the infrastructure at individual factories and corporate HQ, including the design and installation of fiber optic communication lines at Volzhsky pipe factory. In the nearest future, the company plans to expand the capacity of Volzhsky pipe factory PBX to 3000 subscribers.

About Pipe Metallurgical Company
Pipe Metallurgical Company (TMK) is a major industry corporation in the Russian pipe industry and one of the largest pipe manufacturers in the world. TMK's production facilities amount to 45% of Russian pipe industry's assets. TMK is also a leader in Russian pipe exports, exporting more than half of all Russian pipes. TMK products are exported to 50 countries. TMK manages the following Russian pipe factories: Volzhsky (Volgograd Region), Sinarsky (Sverdlovsk Region), Seversky (Sverdlovsk Region), and Taganrog Metal Works (Rostov Region). More detailed information about the company is available on TMK's website at http://www.tmk-group.com/ .

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