IT Co. Outfits LUKOIL Overseas' New Moscow Office With State-of-the-Art Infrastructure


IT Co. has completed the technological refurnishing of the new Moscow office of LUKOIL Overseas Holding Ltd., a subsidiary of LUKOIL oil company. The state-of-the-art, high-performance information infrastructure for the building, designed by IT Co. engineers, has become a powerful and reliable foundation for optimizing the operation of office networks. In order to ensure uninterrupted operations for LUKOIL Overseas employees during the move, IT Co. specialists developed a special methodology for transferring active computer and telecommunications equipment to the new building. In the course of work on this project, IT Co. also coordinated all IT systems operations.

LUKOIL Overseas Holding Ltd.'s new Moscow office is a contemporary building in the very center of Moscow, meeting every requirement and standard for a world-class business center. The building's architecture and custom interior design combine to create the most nurturing work environment. After the building was erected, the most important task at hand as outfitting it with a high-performance network infrastructure, indispensable for organizing office work.

This task was not limited to simply designing and laying down cable and computing systems. IT Co. specialists had to organize the transfer of switching stations, servers, workstations, network equipment, peripheral facilities, multimedia, and other equipment from the old building to the new, not only minimizing bringing damage risks, but also ensuring zero information loss and zero work time loss. Moreover, 11 companies participated in constructing and outfitting the building – construction companies, interior designers, electricians, transportation companies, etc., whose actions had to be precisely coordinated to avoid any accidents. IT Co. was entrusted with the task as a result of a negotiated tender conducted by Noble Gibbons, in charge of the overall construction of LUKOIL Overseas Holding Ltd. corporate center.

The construction project, finished in the summer of 2004, progressed in two stages. During the first stage, IT Co. specialists designed and installed all the network infrastructure components and set up the server room. During the second stage, they developed the methodology for the move and organized the transfer of equipment from the old office to the new.

Throughout the project, IT Co. was responsible for coordinating IT systems operations, including the write-up of requirements for technical facilities, power networks, conditioning systems and other global infrastructure components linked to the installation and maintenance of IT infrastructure components.

The use of advanced equipment from the world's leading manufacturers, original engineering solutions, combination of existing and new equipment for a single consistent solution, and precise organization of interaction between all participants of the office infrastructure project ensured:
  • Maximum initial investment protection
  • Optimal functional and technical solution characteristics, meeting the client's needs and optimizing the price/quality ratio
  • Compliance of all system solutions and equipment with international standards (ISO, ITU-T, IEEE)
  • Flexibility and scalability of the solution, capacity for further development and stage-by-stage modernization of individual hubs and components
  • Geographical independence of workspaces from the cabling topology
  • Visual compatibility of all external infrastructure components with the facilities' interior design
The solution designed and installed by IT Co. specialists was based on Nexans structured cable systems and used fiber optic cable for the internal network subsystem and Category 6 Cable for other subsystems. The client's existing network equipment was used for the LAN, and capacity was expanded by purchasing additional equipment, optimizing the price/quality ratio. The LAN configuration provides for 100% backup of network hubs and backbone lines, as well as capacity for differentiating carrying capacity in various network segments. Thus, the speed of data communication between workstations is 100 Mb/s, while workgroup switches are connected to the central switches by Gigabit Ethernet 1000Base-SX lines. Cisco 6500 central routing switches were used for the LAN kernel. The server room was equipped with ARS UPS units to ensure maximum reliability of protection for costly equipment and uninterrupted operations.

To organize a safe transition of computer, switching, and telecommunications equipment from one building to another and to avoid any downtime in the operations of LUKOIL Overseas, IT Co. designed a special temporary fiber optic network between the two buildings. The network connected the two offices into a single LAN, enabling simultaneous operation of crucial infrastructure components such as the phone switchboard and servers.

The key principle of the Move Organization Methods developed by IT Co. specialists was the stage-by-stage transfer of available equipment and numbering capacity of the phone switchboard to the new building. To follow this methodology, IT Co. supplied the new office building with a phone switchboard and switching equipment. Thus, a single information space, including an NPA, was created for the two building, ensuring normal interaction between company employees who had already been transferred to the new building and the employees still working in the old office. After the NPA and the switching equipment were completely transferred to the new corporate center, the temporary switches were replaced with the client's own equipment.

About LUKOIL Overseas Holding Ltd.
LUKOIL Overseas Holding Ltd. is a specialized subsidiary of LUKOIL, a major Russian oil company, which has been representing LUKOIL's interests on the international geological exploration and oil and gas drilling market since 1997.

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