I.T. Co. Expands Services Portfolio, Adds Unique Information Security Offer: Solutions From Application Security, Inc.


I.T. Co. has announced a new partnership with Application Security, Inc. (USA), one of the world's leading corporate information security providers. The agreement names I.T. Co. Application Security's distributor (reseller) in Russia. I.T. Co. is Application Security, Inc.'s first partner in Russia and is currently the only Russian company that holds the right to supply licenses and provide support for Application Security, Inc. products.

Application Security, Inc. products are designed to guarantee the security of information stored in corporate databases. In particular, they are meant to:
  • Minimize loss and corruption risks for critical data
  • Estimate whether corporate information systems and databases are well protected from rapidly changing system security threats
  • Evaluate security and pinpoint security holes in database systems
  • Provide effective, transparent cryptographic security for databases
  • Intensively monitor database operations to detect attacks or applications breaching security policy
  • Ensure effective security management for data and applications
Until now, widespread use of Application Security, Inc. products in Russia was impossible in the absence of an official partner who could not only supply licensed software, but also integrate the solutions with corporate information security systems and provide lifetime support. Having become Application Security's partner, I.T. Co. is now able to provide new information security opportunities for its clients by fortifying its line of products with unique custom solutions designed to protect databases and applications and intended for performing:
  • Overall security checks of information systems on database and application level, including detection of existing security holes for external attacks (AppDetectiveTM)
  • Reliable cryptographic protection of information contained in databases, including structure elements of the data model (DbEncryptTM)
  • Constant active real-time protection of databases and determining the source of potential or recorded attacks and violations (AppRadarTM)
  • Integrated administration of all components, policies, and parameters of the Application Security, Inc. software suite from a single console
As of today, I.T. Co. is offering a full range of services in designing integrated information security systems for companies, providing support on every level (technical, technological, and managerial) of corporate information systems. Our highly qualified specialists have many years of experience and profound subject expertise in the area of information security. Our use of a broad product line in combination with a systematic approach to building security systems and consulting services, including audits of information security systems, risk analysis, evaluation of information security costs, etc., results in solutions that guarantee protection not only of our clients' corporate information systems, but also of their investments directed toward providing security.

About Application Security, Inc.
Application Security, Inc. is one of the world's leading suppliers of information security solutions, specializing in products for protecting corporate information systems on database and application level. As of today, more than 200 companies all over the world use Application Security's products. More detailed information about Application Security, Inc. and its solutions is available at http://www.appsecinc.com/ . 

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