IT Co. To Design Electronic Document Management System for Russian Pension Fund


IT Co. has won the open competitive bid for the creation of an automated document management system for the Russian Pension Fund. The results of the competition, announced in mid-June 2004, were made public on September 13, 2004.

In the course of this project, IT Co. will design and implement an electronic document management system for the Executive Office and Regional Divisions of the Russian Pension Fund (RPF). The system will be based on IBM Lotus Notes/Domino technologies and will account for all unique specifications of document management at RPF, one of Russia's largest social institutions.

Before the end of 2004, a pilot installation of the system will be performed in the Executive Office and several branch offices, following a meticulous study of the current state of document management at RPF. In the future, the system will be reproduced in regional RPF offices throughout Russian Federation.

The decisive factors in selecting IT Co. as the contractor were our vast experience in introducing document management automation systems at government agencies, as well as previous successful projects completed for RPF.

IT Co. has successfully collaborated with RPF for many years. In particular, we have constructed a number of corporate communication networks and computation complexes for RPF regional branches. Electronic document management systems developed and implemented by IT Co., including those based on IT Co.'s own BOSS-Referent software, are successfully used by many ministries, agencies, and state institutions such as the Ministry of Internal Affairs, Ministry of Atomic Energy, Ministry of Natural Resources, Yakutsk City Administration, Voronezh Region Administration, and Russian Tax Ministry. The electronic document management system used at the Tax Ministry, crafted at IT Co. and servicing 16 thousand users in 95 Tax Ministry offices and inspectorates all over Russia, is currently the largest system of its type in Russia.

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