IT Co. and RuSat Agree to Joint Promotion of Space Technologies on the Corporate Market


IT Co. and RuSat, the operator of RuSat satellite network, are announcing their new partnership in designing satellite-based corporate data communication networks. The partnership agreement stipulates joint promotion and implementation of solutions using RuSat's technological base.

In joint projects, RuSat will supply satellite communications services, while IT Co. will perform the installation of terminal equipment and integrate satellite solutions into corporate networks.

Satellite communications hold a number of advantages, especially for companies whose operations necessitate regular transfers of bulk data between geographically spread out facilities where cable communications are not an option. In particular, corporate data communication networks built with the use of satellite technologies provide:
  • Full coverage all over Russia while using only one satellite channel for all reception points
  • Simultaneous delivery of all information formats (data, voice, fax, video, TV signals, radio signals) for the entirety of the corporate network
  • Capacity for providing all possible telecommunications services (traditional and IP telephony, internet, videoconferencing, etc.)
  • Coordinated operations of the telecommunications network independently of the audience's geographical location and the local telecommunications infrastructure, no “last mile” problem
  • Efficient expansion of corporate networks, even in locations with poorly developed telecommunications infrastructure
The cost of equipping a subscriber station and renting an artificial Earth satellite is comparable to the costs of renting ground-based digital stations, and there is no need for employing specially trained staff. This makes satellite communications a viable alternative to cable channels in designing corporate data communications networks.

“For a long time, satellite technologies, despite their obvious advantages over traditional communications, went without wide use on the corporate market. Today, the situation has changed, and we're happy to offer these innovative solutions to our clients. Given their affordable cost, satellite-based data communication networks have vast functional capacities, which, no doubt, explain their attractiveness to a number of enterprises, first and foremost banks and insurance companies, fuel industry companies, especially mining and geological exploration subdivisions, forming national retail chains and distributing companies, transportation objects, and many others,” says Alexey Fyodorov, the Head of IT Co.'s Networking Technologies Department's telecommunications sector.

As of today, IT Co. offers the full range of services involved in constructing multi-service corporate networks using all existing data transfer technologies including analog and packet switching, wireless technologies, and broadband access. IT Co.'s experience includes hundreds of data communications network design and implementation projects of various scale, from LANs to regional backbone networks.

About RuSat
RuSat operates RuSat satellite network and supplies a wide range of telecommunications services based on VSAT microterminals. The company, founded in 2002, specializes in satellite communications services for corporate clients, communications operators, space and science organizations, media, state enterprises and institutions throughout the Russian Federation, in accordance with licenses from the Ministry of Communications of Russia. RuSat's technological base includes:
  • Satellite network linked to network hubs of leading Russian operators
  • Central station in Moscow
  • Network hubs equipped with state-of-the-art satellite communications equipment
  • At the moment, RuSat services more than 200 satellite subscriber stations located in Russia from Kaliningrad to Kamchatka and from Murmansk to Novorossiysk. RuSat's client base includes the following companies and organizations, among others: Petrocommerce Bank, Sberbank of Russia, LUKOIL-Inform, TeliaSonera International Carrier Russia, Market Information Center of the Agricultural and Industrial Complex of Russia (Ministry of Agriculture), Main Information and Computation Center of the Ministry of Culture, etc.

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