IT Co. Provides IT Consulting for State Tax Administration of Ukraine


IT Co. has been announced as the bid winner for designing information network architecture for the State Tax Administration of Ukraine (STA of Ukraine). The project is part of a larger program aimed at modernizing STA of Ukraine and is financed by the World Bank. 

The program for modernizing the State Tax Administration of Ukraine is aimed at reorganizing the Tax Administration and, among other things, refining its work by the means of improving the quality and efficiency of its computer system.

In the course of the project, IT Co. specialists will develop the architecture for STA of Ukraine's information systems, determining the automation model for all types of work performed by the Tax Administration, including HR management, interaction with taxpayers, tax audits, document management, etc.

In the course of the project, internal standards for designing an information system infrastructure will be developed and used to optimize IT support during various stages of the modernization project, and also to model individual elements of the information system. The end result will be a consistent information system with optimized maintenance and development costs that will aid the STA of Ukraine in its modernization efforts.

The results of the bid, announced by the STA of Ukraine in the fall of 2004, were announced in December 2004. In February 2005, IT Co. began work on the project. The project is scheduled for completion before fall of 2005.

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