IT Co. Enters Final Stage of Integrated Modernization of NPO Microgen Corporate Data Communications Network


IT Co. has completed the second stage of the NPO Microgen corporate data communications network modernization project. As of today, Microgen HQ and nine local enterprises are unified into a single corporate network. The data communication network was modernized in accordance with the analysis of the current telecommunications infrastructure and information security system, and the evaluation of total IT ownership costs, estimated by IT Co. specialists during the initial stage of the project.

NPO Microgen, sponsored by the Russian Ministry of Health, is an acknowledged leader on the Russian immunobiological drug market. The company was founded in 2003, when 14 leading state enterprises in the field of traditional and innovational healthcare products merged. Microgen employs a total of more than 7800 people.

The new unified development strategy for Microgen enterprises provides for substantial investment into modernizing production and growing production capacities, and also into extensive scientific research. One of the features is the creation of a unified information infrastructure, indispensable for high quality operational management of a geographically spread out, multi-industry production association. In particular, in 2004, the company made a decision to modernize its existing data communications network and communications between NPO Microgen enterprises and to unite them into a single corporate multi-service network. IT Co. was awarded the contract.

The modernization project was launched in February 2004 and is progressing in stages. There are three main lines of work: consulting, infrastructure, and information security.

As part of the consulting part of the project, IT Co. specialists inspected and analyzed the telecommunications infrastructure, evaluated total IT ownership costs, and analyzed information security at Microgen management and production divisions.

In the course of the initial stage of work on the project, IT Co. has:
  • Developed recommendations for optimizing investments into IT based on the evaluation of total IT ownership costs, conducted with the help of Gartner methodology and tools. The study encompassed all IT investments and maintenance costs: IT management processes, IT infrastructure and business applications, total company expenses for maintenance and administration of software and hardware, user satisfaction, further development of the information systems, etc.
  • Evaluated the current state of Microgen telecommunications infrastructure and its compliance with world standards; developed recommendations for optimizing usage and further expanding Microgen's telecommunications resources.
  • Evaluated the current state of information protection systems at Microgen and analyzed information risks; designed information security policy and concepts for Microgen enterprises, and drafted the corporate information security system, using all contemporary threat deflection methods, including legal, economical, organizational, technical, software and hardware methods, etc.
In the course of the second stage of the project, using the recommendations established earlier, IT Co. modernized the existing communication networks at the central NPO Microgen offices and nine company enterprises in Moscow, Nizhny Novgorod, Ufa, Perm, Belorechensk, Stavropol, and Irkutsk.

All data communication network components, including structured cable systems (SCS), LANs, and telephony, were radically modernized. At each company facility, network modernization was performed in accordance with pertinent production needs and the current condition of various IT infrastructure components. Moreover, company enterprises were equipped with a videoconferencing system and unified into a single corporate multi-service network.

The unified corporate data communications network was based on Category 5 SCS and a high-speed backbone LAN using Allied Telesyn and Cisco Systems active equipment. The distributed corporate telephone network was constructed using Avaya Definity PBXs with capacity varying proportionately to facility scale. The system employs a single NPA scheme. In order to optimize traffic servicing expenses, the telephone system architecture uses the IP protocol for voice communications between remote objects and digital channels within each enterprise. In order to create a distributed videoconferencing system, Polycom equipment was used. All of the corporate network components and the telephone and videoconferencing systems were unified into a single network through an external operator's IP channels.

During the final stage of the project, an information protection system will be installed at the central office and some company facilities.

The information protection system is constructed according to the previously drafted outline for information security. It features the creation of a uniform secure space and effective protection of Microgen's information systems, the construction of a protected virtual private network, and the control and monitoring of corporate information system security. A pilot installation at corporate HQ and one of the production enterprises is scheduled for the beginning of 2006.

FGUP NPO Microgen at the Ministry of Health of the Russian Federation
Federal State Unitary Enterprise Scientific Production Association Microgen at the Ministry of Health of the Russian Federation (FGUP NPO Microgen) is a leading Russian manufacturer of new effective immunobiological drugs. At the moment, Microgen's 14 enterprises located in Moscow, Yekaterinburg, Irkutsk, Makhachkala, Nizhny Novgorod, Omsk, Perm, Stavropol, Tomsk, Tyumen, Ufa, Khabarovsk, and Belorechensk, are producing more than 400 types of immunobiological, diagnostic, and healthcare products, most of which are exported abroad.
According to the data collected by Farmexpert Marketing Research Center, NPO Microgen, with its 11.2% share of the market last year, was ranked first in the list of 25 Top Russian Production Companies in terms of 2004 output.

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