I.T. Co. Completes Infrastructure Project for Support of Telemedical Conferences in Irkutsk Provincial Clinical Hospital


I.T. Co. has completed implementation of a corporate data processing network (CDPN) in Irkutsk Provincial Clinical Hospital. The high-speed data communication network covers the operating section of the hospital, including 22 operating rooms, which today are fully ready for connection to the system for telemedical conferences. In the near future a special telemedical system, which will allow distant consultation with participating surgeons of leading Russian and foreign medical centers, will be installed and put into operation. The telemedical conferences project was implemented by specialists of I.T. Co.'s East-Siberia and Central offices.

Irkutsk state provincial clinic hospital (ISPCH) is one of the largest multiple-discipline medical centers in Irkutsk province. There are 8 therapeutic and 13 surgical departments operating in the hospital. Complex surgical operations are performed in the ISPCH operating section every day. In view of the uniqueness and complexity of some ISPCH surgery medical cases, the diagnostics process requires consultation with specialists of leading Russian and foreign profile medical centers. In addition, there is a necessity of documenting the process and results of medical checkups of patients in audio and video formats for maintaining an electronic medical history and also for allowing quick access to this information during surgical operations. Considering high quality medical service as a priority, along with simultaneously decreasing costs for medical services, the administration of Irkutsk provincial clinical hospital, with support of the administration of Irkutsk province, made a decision to build a corporate data processing system and create on its base the system of telemedical conferences. I.T. Co. was selected for implementation of this project.

The project was launched at the end of 2003 and implemented in 3 stages:

During the first stage I.T. Co.'s specialists completed a survey of the operating section of ISPCH and designed the CDPN.

Within the second stage of the project the CDPN, which covers 22 operating rooms and also such departments of the operating section such as laboratory services, blood transfusion, hospital administration, and others, was installed. The CDPN includes a total of 82 work places.

Category 5e structured cable system (SCS) was used for construction of the CDPN. To provide normal networking capacity and protection of medical equipment from electromagnetic and ionizing radiation, shielded SCS was used. During the network installation I.T. Co.'s specialists provided 19 connection points for mobile telemedical equipment in different operating rooms within the surgical section.

The backbone of the high-speed CDPN, with a capacity 6 Gbit/second, is fully built on the basis of modern Cisco Systems equipment. Particularly, for creation of the data transmission network, Cisco 4500 central routing switcher and Cisco 2600 routers were used. In addition, the data processing network of Irkutsk provincial clinic hospital is safely secured from external intrusion with help of a Cisco PIX Firewall 515. For network management, including monitoring of its efficiency and failure localization, Cisco Works software is used.

At present, the data transfer network of Irkutsk provincial clinic hospital is connected to a regional telemedical network, which has entry to international communication channels, has been successfully put into commercial operation, and is also completely ready for connection with specialized telemedical system Eykona 700, produced by AETHRA.

“This information solution which will be put into operation at our hospital is unique and does not have analogs throughout the territory of Siberia. We are sure that using the experience of colleagues through the telemedical system will help us to provide our patients with high quality medical services, perform accurate diagnostics in a short period of time, and prescribe effective treatment.

Besides this we are planning to use the operating system for holding telemedical conferences for medical personnel training and professional development. ISPCH is a clinic base of Irkutsk Medical University and Physician Professional Development Institute and we are planning to transmit operations from surgery departments into classrooms of these institutions”, - Petr Dudin, Chief Doctor of Irkutsk provincial clinic hospital reported.

About Irkutsk State Provincial Clinic Hospital 
Irkutsk State Provincial Clinic Hospital (ISPCH) – is one of the leading treatment-preventive organizations of Irkutsk province and Irkutsk city. There are 13 surgical and 8 therapeutic departments operating in the provincial hospital, which also serves as a clinic base for 9 sub-faculties of Irkutsk Medical University and 8 sub-faculties of Physician Professional Development Institute. Annually about 25,000 patients receive treatment at the hospital.
More detailed information about Irkutsk state provincial clinic hospital can be found on the website: http://okb.baikal.ru/.

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