АТН Business Travel Solutions and I.T. Co. Bring to the Business Travel Market Quality New Customer Service Standards


I.T. Co. has completed a project on development of CRM-strategy and implementation of a CRM system for АТН Business Travel Solutions – one of the largest business travel operators in Russia. The project resulted in optimization of customer service business processes and introduction of a single service standard. Implementation of the CRM system increased the efficiency and quality of customer service and at the same time created a technological base for successful development of the company's regional office network. АТН Business Travel Solutions is one of the largest Corporate Travel Management agencies in Russia and the CIS. The company was founded in 2002 as the result of a merger of the Irish agency Andrews Consulting, providing visa support and migration services, and Travel House, a Swedish-American business travel operator. Today ATN provides a wide range of business travel services for corporate clients.

In order to strengthen its leading position, the management of ATH Business Travel Solutions posed a task to increase the company's presence in the business travel market. Since the foundation of the company, customer service has been performed in accordance with international standards. At the same time, enhancement of the transparency of the customer relationship processes and transfer to a quality new level of service was a necessary condition for realization of the ambitious new plans. In addition, in the near future, the company plans active development in the regions, which implies establishment of representation in 15 additional cities and offering services under the ATH trademark with guaranteed high quality. A new information environment, built on the basis of the CRM-system, is intended to support the new reforms.

The project on development of CRM-strategy and implementation of the CRM solution, launched in June, 2005, was implemented by I.T. Co. in two stages. Within the consulting phase of the project, strategic statements of a new customer policy of the company were elaborated. In the second stage, sales support and order processing CRM were implemented.

During the initial stage, I.T. Co.'s consultants carried out an audit of ATH business-processes and customer database. Based on the analysis of the results, jointly with ATH Business Travel Solutions representatives, key statements of CRM strategy were formulated and actualized in the following areas: 
  • Segmentation of the customer database and defining CRM-policies for each segment 
  • Development of process models for selling services and order processing 
  • Introduction of a “Complex Order” category
As a result of segmentation of the customer database I.T. Co.'s consultants suggested creation of a hierarchy of customer groups that allow setting of correct priorities, formulating credit conditions and creating loyalty programmes for each group. Step-by-step regulation of sales and order processing provided the opportunity to introduce a single quality standard of services. Implementation of a new “Complex Order” category has become a key element of the new services standard, which provides a high level of control for the processing of multiple corporate orders simultaneously.

During the second stage of the project, I.T. Co. specialists carried out implementation of the CRM system and its functional extension. Created on the base of Microsoft Dynamics CRM 3.0 solution, the ATH CRM system meets the unique and high level requirements of the company. I.T. Co. specialists enhanced considerably the functionality of the system: 
  • Integration with Global Distribution System Amadeus to speed up ticket processing and hotel reservations 
  • Integration with the existing financial application provides operative issuance of invoices to clients for provided services 
  • Feature for working with client specific price-lists. While issuing invoices for services provided, the system automatically fills out price fields, taking into account prices defined in specific client contracts.
  • Feature for creating a package of documents for visas. Visa application templates are automatically filled out with the client's personal data.
Integration of the CRM-system with service applications was performed on the basis of Microsoft BizTalk Server 2004 and generation of documents in the systems was implemented with help of Microsoft SQL Server Reporting Services. Operation is through a Web-interface, which provides an opportunity to connect an unlimited number of users, including employees of regional offices.

«It is difficult yet to appreciate all advantages of the new CRM System due to the short time of its usage, however the first weeks of work with it has brought a number of positive changes. First of all, it is now possible for our employees to reply to client requests quicker and to process them with better quality. Also, it can't go unnoticed that workload of the staff has decreased significantly due to most standard and routine procedures being “taken over” by the CRM system. However, one of the main advantages of this solution is the possibility of joining new offices. I am sure it will help us to provide the same quality level of services to our clients in Moscow and other cities of our country” - emphasized Aleksey Krapotkin, Deputy General Director, АТН Business Travel Solutions.

At the present time specialists of I.T. Co. have started creation of an internet-portal, which will allow ATH clients to book tickets, create orders, and track statuses and information online. Implementation of the internet-portal project will also give АТН Business Travel Solutions an opportunity to expand its business by offering its services to the new groups of clients.

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