Mechel Selects I.T. Co. as Partner for Oracle Licensing and Support


I.T. Co. has been announced the winner of the Mechel closed competition for selection of a partner to provide Oracle licensing and support. The project stipulates a suite of services around licensing and technical support of Oracle products and also optimization of Mechel's information systems using Oracle software.

"Mechel is one of the leading Russian companies in the mining and metallurgical industry. Mechel unites producers of coal, iron-ore concentrate, nickel, steel, rolled metal, and value-added downstream metal products in Russia, Romania and Lithuania. Mechel includes two trading ports, transport and power companies. Production of Mechel is sold on the Russian and foreign markets.

In the future, I.T. Co and Mechel plan to continue cooperation on development of the enterprise information system.

* * *

The partnership of I.T. Co and Oracle began over 11 years ago. Today I.T. Co has the status of Master-Partner (Oracle Certified Advantage Partner) and for the last few years has ranked among the five best representatives of the company and as sales leaders.

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