I.T. Co. Enhances Management of Complex Projects


I.T. Co. has formed a new business unit – the Department of Corporate Information Systems. The department will be engaged in complex IT projects for key clients providing interaction with all divisions of the company to create synergies and maximize results. Boris Polukhin has been appointed head of the department. Mr. Polukhin joined I.T. Co. from IBS where he served as director of the department working with the Central Bank of Russia.

The Department of Corporate Information Systems was created to manage complex information system projects for key customers. The new department will address the increasing number of complex projects that require a combination of deep technology and industry expertise. The Department of Corporate Information Systems will provide cooperation across all of the I.T. Group’s business units in integrated projects, attract the necessary resources of competence centers and suppliers, centrally manage multiple projects for the same customer, and provide expertise and the application of various technologies. The department is will ensure delivery of effective solutions required to meet customers’ complex challenges, maintain synergies between the company’s divisions, suppliers and subcontractors, and develop new industry solutions.

The department will consist of highly skilled information system architects, professional engineers, project managers, and industry experts. The initial staff will consist of 20 to 25 specialists.

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