I.T. Co. Will Present New Solution on Information Security Management Cisco Expo-2007


September 26, 2007— At the annual Conference on information technologies Cisco Expo 2007 (16–18 October), I.T. Co. will present its new security management solution for enterprises based on Cisco Security MARS. Ruslan Rakhmetov, leading expert on IT security, CCSP, will a devote report on the ability of to use these solutions for building an integrated Security Operation Centre (SOC).

I.T. Co. will present at Cisco Expo 2007 a new solution for the integrated management of security based on software/hardware package Cisco Security MARS (Cisco Security Monitoring, Analysis and Response System). I.T. Co. is developing the solution to meet the needs of a number of industries including banks, healthcare providers, and universities for integrated solutions that combine the functionality of IT systems with special features Cisco Security MARS. The architecture of the I.T. Co. solution allows for implementation without affecting a company’s existing security infrastructure.

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