I.T. Co. Launches Systems Integration and Outsourcing Projects for Siberia Service Company


I.T. Co. Launches Systems Integration and Outsourcing Projects for Siberia Service Company
I.T. Co. has launched projects on systems integration and outsourcing of technical support for Siberia Service Company. The tasks of I.T. Co., as the Systems Integrator, include integration of 15 Diverse (multi-vendor) information systems of Siberia Service Company, coordination and control of projects on the creation of corporate information system sub-systems. Under the second agreement, I.T. Co. has been providing technical support outsourcing services for 70 users in the SSC Moscow office since October 2007.

“Siberia Service Company” (SSC) provides services on exploration, drilling and preparation of oil and gas wells for enterprises of the oil and gas industry of Russia. Out of six thousand SSC employees, over 1,500 people, working in 8 regional offices, are users of information systems, which number in the order of 15. These systems were created at different times and by different developers, part of them-specialists of SSC, resulting in the systems not being well integrated with each other, causing less effective work. In the summer of 2007, SSC management decided to provide integration of the software applications used in the company to increase work efficiency and exclude the duplication of data directories, therefore saving users time. This measure is also intended to optimize management of the company’s investments in information systems development and ultimately increase efficiency and competitiveness of the company’s core business.
I.T. Co gained the right to the systems integration work after winning an open tender, which SSC conducted in August of this year. Tasks of I.T. Co related to the project include development of an integrated systems architecture which will integrate all current, under development, and future applications. I.T. Co. will integrate existing information systems, such as 1C applications (accounting, salaries and HR, resources and vehicle inventory and management, budgeting, contracts management and others), as well as systems currently under development – Microsoft based data warehouse, DocsVision electronic document management system, 1C Asset Management module and others.

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