I.T. Group establishes a new company – BOSS-Referent


I.T. Group establishes a new company – BOSS-Referent
The Information Technologies Group has established a new vendor company, OOO BOSS-Referent. It will own one of the most successful brands on the Russian market for electronic document management systems, which has the same name – BOSS-Referent. The company is being set up to mark the transition to a new model for doing business on the EDMS market, facilitating the dynamic development of a partnership network and an increase in the market share of the BOSS-Referent system.

BOSS-Referent is an electronic document management system drafted by specialists from IT Group in 1994. Today this solution is one of the most successful EMDS on the Russian market. According to estimates from DSS Consulting analysts based on results for 2007, BOSS-Referent was the leading player on the EDMS market in terms of licenses sold. The product accounted for almost 20% of the total EDMS market in Russia.

Since May 2008 product development and promotion of the BOSS-Referent brand has been entrusted to a company with the same name. Andrei Grib was appointed General Director of OOO BOSS-Referent. He was previously head of Aplana's Electronic Document Management and Lotus Applications Competence Centre. Aplana is part of the I.T. Group. The new team at BOSS-Referent has three key objectives:
  • Market promotion of the BOSS-Referent brand
  • Technical development of the product
  • Expansion of the partnership network.
Tagir Yapparov, Chairman of the Board of Directors of the I.T. Group explained: “BOSS-Referent is one of our flagship products. Today we have set ourselves the goals of increasing market share and expanding our partner network. That is the reason why we established a company in the group to focus 100 percent on product development and promotion of BOSS-Referent on the market. BOSS-Referent will offer the same terms and conditions to I.T. Group companies and all other businesses.”

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