I.T. Co. to help establish an information analytical system for the Federal Financial Markets Service


I.T. Co. to help establish an information analytical system for the Federal Financial Markets Service
Specialists from Information Technologies Company and Soyuzinform (part of the Armada Group) have started establishing a comprehensive information analytical system for Russia's Federal Financial Markets Service. The information system will bring together over 40 territorial bodies of FFMS located in different Russian regions.

Russia's FFMS has the following key objectives: to ensure the stable functioning of the Russian financial market, raise its efficiency and investment appeal. The constant expansion of its regional branch network and development of Russia's financial market is increasing thenbsp;amount of information that must be processed by FFMS employees. The information support system for separate processes no longer complies with FFMS requirements owing to the system's limited ability to collect, organise, store and analyse data and also owing to w legislative requirements. Consequently FFMS recognised the need for an audit of existing local automated systems and the establishment of a single information and analytical system for FFMS.

A consortium consisting of I.T. Co. and Soyuzinform won an open tender to execute the project. The terms of the state contract stipulate that they should develop and implement a comprehensive information and analytical system capable of facilitating the effective exchange of information between all FFMS divisions. In addition, the new system should interact with the existing information systems of other state executive authorities.

Approximately 500 workstations will be automated in the offices of the central headquarters of FFMS, a regional division in the Central Federal District, and also in three territorial departments in regional FFMS divisions in the Central Federal District by the start of 2009. In future the system will be scaled to all remaining FFMS divisions. I.T. Co. is also responsible for training up FFMS employees in how to work with the new information and analytical system.

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