I.T. Co. modernises the IT infrastructure of power generating company HydroOGK


I.T. Co. modernises the IT infrastructure of power generating company HydroOGK
Information Technologies Company has modernized the IT infrastructure of the Moscow office and 17 subsidiaries of the HydroOGK holding company. I.T. Co. specialists deployed a solution based on Microsoft Active Directory. This solution will provide the IT department of the holding company with centralized control over IT infrastructure located in different Russian regions and also enable the company to standardize IT resources.

JSC HydroOGK is Russia's largest generating company, incorporating over 50 hydropower plants. The holding company has a distributed information infrastructure. It decided to increase efficiency by standardizing all IT resources and using centralized monitoring and control tools. HydroOGK management selected Microsoft Active Directory as the technological solution to unify IT resources. Microsoft Active Directory is based on Windows Server 2003. Management also selected Microsoft Active Server 2007 for its e-mail system.

I.T. Co. won the tender to modernize HydroOGK's IT infrastructure using the Microsoft-based solution. In autumn 2007 I.T. Co. specialists audited the IT infrastructure of 17 hydropower plants in different Russian regions and the central Moscow office of HydroOGK.

Based on received data I.T. Co. configured and tested the architecture of HydroOGK's unified information infrastructure and prepared guidelines on the migration to Microsoft Active Directory. Then I.T. Co. specialists established the new directory service solution at the Moscow office of HydroOGK and replicated it at 17 hydropower plants. This will enable HydroOGK's IT service to manage centrally all the holding company's IT infrastructure and ensure full compliance with corporate standards at workstations. HydroOGK's IT department will be able to control from Moscow user access to corporate information resources at all hydropower plants, thereby establishing a unified information security policy. In addition I.T. Co. specialists implemented an e-mail system based on the Microsoft Exchange Server 2007 — over 2,000 hydropower plant users were connected to the unified corporate mail system, including the common address book.

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