BMU to implement BOSS-Kadrovik HRM system


BMU to implement BOSS-Kadrovik HRM system
I.T. Co has started implementing the BOSS-Kadrovik HRM system at the Balakovskiye Mineralniye Udobrenia (BMU) fertilizers plant. The project aims to establish an integrated HRM system to link the following processes in one production cycle: calculation of payroll and work records, preparation of the staffing schedule, leave schedule and employment contracts.

BMU is one of the leading enterprises in Russia's chemical industry, employing over 3,500 people. At present HRM specialists use several systems developed in-house, including individual registration and payroll records. The systems were implemented at different periods of time using different software applications. As a result they are hard to use and support. These factors, coupled with the need to combine the legacy software with the Dedal automatic access control system that is being implemented, served as the grounds for migration to an integrated HRM system.

BMU is part of the PhosAgro holding company, which already uses the BOSS-Kadrovik HR personal records system. Consequently plant management opted for this solution. Based on the tender results, I.T. Co. was selected as project integrator. The project is to be implemented in two stages. I.T. Co. specialists will implement the staffing configuration component of the BOSS-Kadrovik system and integrate it with the access control system by August 2008. This will make it possible to automate the hiring, relocation and dismissal of employees and also preparation of the staffing schedule. The payroll component will be implemented by the end of January 2009. This will optimise calculation of the payroll of plant employees. Implementation of BOSS-Kadrovik will not only minimise the time required to calculate wages and prepare the staffing schedule – it will also rule out the risk of errors when compiling financial statements and tax reports.

Employees of the labour and wages department and HR, specialists involved in the preparation of payroll tables will have access to the new system, which will initially be available at 20 workstations. In future more workstations may be connected to BOSS-Kadrovik.

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