I.T. Co. Revamps Telecoms Network of FGC UES


I.T. Co. Revamps Telecoms Network of FGC UES
Information Technologies Company has audited the telecoms network of the Federal Grid Company of the Unified Energy System (FGC UES). Based on the results of the audit, I. T. Co. staff revamped transfer channels using Cisco Wide Area Application Services (WAAS). The revamp accelerates data access and expands groupware opportunities.

FGC UES operates the unified national electric grid and national system of trunk power lines. The company uses its own national distributed telecoms network consisting of more than 270 units of telecoms equipment to exchange all types of information (sound, video, and data). The audit of the telecoms network was necessitated by changes to the organizational structure of FGC UES, the protracted useful life of network equipment and the need for more professional monitoring and network management. I. T. Co. started analyzing the telecommunications infrastructure of FGC UES back in April 2007. The goal of the audit was to determine compliance of the previously installed equipment and software and the validity of the technical circuitry and configuration with the needs of the grid company. Specialists from I. T. Co. optimized network software settings, updated the microcodes of the active network equipment and partially reconfigured it.

At the final stage of the project I. T. Co. specialists optimized the transfer channels, using Cisco WAAS equipment and software. The results of sampling and tests previously performed by Cisco demonstrate the high performance levels of this equipment for FGC UES networks. Thanks to the use of state-of-the-art data compression technologies, the Cisco WASS system will enhance the speed of file transfer within the FGC UES network. This solution will accelerate data access and expand groupware opportunities.

I.T. Co. specialists have been providing technical support for telecoms equipment and telephony to FGC UES since August 2007. I. T. Co. specialists support network performance through regular checks of the equipment and telecoms channels, repairs and preventive maintenance. I. T. Co. promptly provides advice and recommendations to FGC UES on how to improve network performance.

Dmitry Lebedev, head of central IT maintenance services at JSC FCG UES, comments: “The results of the audit and revamp have been used to improve our management and monitoring of the telecoms network. We soon plan to start using customized software tools to monitor and manage the network, as we use many mission-critical applications and have to guarantee their availability for users.”

JSC FGC UES was founded in 2002. The company operates 122,000 kilometers of 110—1150 kV transmission lines and 791 substations with total transformer capacity of more than 300,000 MVA. JSC FGC UES owns 47,060 kilometers of power transmission lines and 137 substations, and also 17 outdoor switchgears and cells with total installed transformer capacity of more than 140,000 MVA. The remaining assets are leased from the backbone grid companies spun off from regional AO-energos as a result of power sector reform.

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