MTUCCS and I. T. Co. Open New SCS Department — the First One in Russia


MTUCCS and I. T. Co. Open New SCS Department — the First One in Russia
I.T. Co. and Moscow Technical University of Communication and Computer Science (MTUCCS) have announced the opening of a new and permanent MTUCCS Department of Structured Cable Systems to operate alongside the existing Department of Communication Lines within the Faculty of Networks and Communication Systems. The newly formed and highly specialized Department is the first of its kind in Russia. It will prepare students for careers in design, development and operation of structured cabling systems (SCS). I. T. Co. will provide MTUCCS with the methodology support and practical assistance in the provision of laboratory equipment for research purposes. Students will receive practical training at I.T. Co. which will help them in their preparation for writing of Diplomas.

In making his Order for the creation of this new basic Department of Structured Cable Systems, the Rector of MTUCCS reiterated that this is a ’first’ within the Russian University system and appointed Andrei Semenov, an acknowledged expert in both theory and practice of this discipline, as Director of Development at I.T.-SCS. Artem S. Adzhemov (Rector of MTUCCS) and Tagir G. Yapparov (CEO of I.T. Co.) believe that the new Department will let Graduates receive an occupation greatly demanded in the modern market. In addition, it will establish and maintain closer liaison and integration of higher education, industry and the business. Over and above the educational function, the new department will develop and formulate established principles encompassing scientific, engineering, technical and technological aspects of structured cable systems implementation including related access network.

I.T. Co. will provide MTUCCS with methodology support and practical assistance in the provision of laboratory equipment which will be a valuable contribution to enable students to undertake practical laboratory research, thus acquiring work experience skills associated with modern SCS equipment. Academic studies at MTUCCS will be complemented by practical work experience with I. T. Co. and work on Diploma projects. The first intake of students will start on this new course of study in the Autumn semester of 2008/2009 academic year.

Andrei Semenov estimates that the SCS market in Russia grows on average by 10% annually, and today reaches a minimum of 2 million ports per year, resulting in at least $400–$500 m. annual turnover. There is a steady growth in the market due to demand for SCS in the creation of infrastructure not only for business assets of large, medium and small companies, but in development of data processing centers, creation of industrial automation systems and various elements of power distribution and grid networks. At the same time SCS market is interesting for the manufacturing sector, particularly for systems integration and service companies as the basic costs of SCS do not exceed 50% of the total project cost, the remainder being the service element. Therefore graduates of the new Faculty can look forward to high salaried employment in one of the hundreds private sector companies specializing in SCS and related areas.

To quote Artem S. Adzhemov, Rector of MTUCCS, PhD in Technology Professor, and Fellow Member of the Russian Engineering Academy: “Telecommunications and information technologies are in a state of aggressive development, and targeted in-depth student preparation is urgent if we are to supply the expertise to address and satisfy the demands for organizational and physical involvement in future information systems». Professor Adzhemov continues: «Universities should become more involved in practical training aspects of information systems and networks. MTUCCS achieves this through co-operation with the specialized consulting companies with expertise in practical training aspects within this sector. I am confident that graduates emerging from this course of study and training will be much in demand in the market.”

In his statement, Tagir G. Yapparov (General Director of I.T. Co.) commented: “Today Russian technical Universities make a great contribution to evolution of education keeping in mind the demands of dynamically developing ICT industry However, the universities need help from the business community that should play an active role in this changing process. It is not a co-incidence that part of the recent Moscow State University Forum «Universities moving towards a higher level of education» was dedicated to strategic partnership between Universities and the business community. Tagir Ypparov continued: «Russian ICT companies became involved in many forms of co-operation and collaboration with universities, including teaching, organization of joint Faculties in the context of educational centers, and formulation of curricula and professional standards. Most certainly we will continue this work together to achieve the desired results. These results are necessary to all — students, universities, business sector and Russian economy in general.”

Moscow Technical University of Communication and Computer Science (MTUCCS) is the biggest educational and scientific institution of its kind in Russia for preparation and development of top specialists in telecommunication, information technology, wireless technology and economics.
MTUCCS was founded in 1921. It was the first institution of its kind in Russia to train telecommunications engineers. Prior to its University status, in 1971, the institution was awarded the Order of the Red Banner of Labor for its great achievements in both teaching and scientific research in the telecommunications field.
The history of MTUCCS name is as follows: In 1988 Moscow Institute of Communication (MIC) was formed from the Moscow Electrotechnical Institute of Communication (MEIC), the All-Union Correspondence Electrotechnical Institute of Communication (AUCEIC) and the Institute of Improvement of Professional Skills of the USSR Ministry of Communication. By 1992 MIC was awarded Technical University status with the new title Moscow Technical University of Communication and Computer Science.

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