I.T.-Oil Helps Filling Stations Retain Clients


I.T.-Oil Helps Filling Stations Retain Clients
I.T. Co. has complemented the functions of its I.T.-Oil solution with new tools for development and implementation of customer loyalty programs for filling stations and complexes. Such tools the vertically integrated oil companies and owners of filling station chains ability to build individual relationships with clients, efficiently retain customers and attract new ones.

Today filling station chains are operating in stiff competition environment, and are interested not only in gaining new clients, but also in retaining the existing ones. A number of various marketing strategies is used for reaching these goals, and one of the most effective ones is development of special customer loyalty programs. Such programs offer discounts, bonuses, and other material and non-material stimulations for regular customers, thus reinforcing relations with clients and facilitating increase in sales at filling stations. Taking into account these new needs of filling stations and complexes, I. T. Co.’s specialists have supplemented the control information system of the I.T.-Oil network with tools for development and implementation of customer loyalty programs. The first user of these new tools became oil company “Alyans”, long-time client of I.T. Co., that has been using I.T.-Oil system since 2003.

Now add-ons for I.T.-Oil automate the following processes:
  • development of various multi-level customer loyalty programs
  • programming of the necessary customer loyalty programs' parameters into clients' cards and accumulation of bonus points on such cards.
  • sales of petroleum products, accompanying goods and services for bonus points earned
  • giving bonus points as a gift to clients that have purchased a discount card and started using it within a certain period
  • giving away prizes in exchange for accumulated bonus points
  • making reports on customer loyalty programs.
I.T.-Oil information system uses contact and contactless smart cards for identification. Unlike other payment cards (without a chip with magnetic stripe), use of smart cards offers greater possibilities in developing customer loyalty programs, because smart cards allow for multiple re-recording and storage of information about accumulated customer loyalty points and bonuses, as well as other information about individual clients and their service programs. Contact smart cards have a high degree of protection, but readers pick up information from them slower, and service life of such cards is shorter with careless use, as they have an open chip. Contactless smart cards are cheaper, they are read faster and last longer, because the chip is enclosed inside the card. They are somewhat less protected against tampering, but it is not the most critical factor when you use them at filling stations.

I.T.-Oil lets its users set rules and parameters of customer loyalty programs, and carry out their centralized control within the entire chain, as well as at selected filling stations. The software and equipment complex used for issue and personalization of client cards, entering, viewing and altering card information, processing card transaction information and preparing all the necessary reports is installed in the central office of the filling station chain. Awarding and deducting of bonus points, handing out of prizes under loyalty programs and all other work with clients is carried out at the filling stations level.

Over 900 filling stations are using the I.T.-Oil solution today. I. T. Co.’s clients are: Alyans Oil Company, ASPEC, Kazmunaigaz, TNK-Ukraine, Mordovnefteprodukt, Tolplivnaya Kompaniya (Fuel Company), DAN, Purnefteprodukt, and others.

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