I.T. Co. and EVRAAS Have Founded “EVRAAS. IT” — a New Player in the Market of Security-Related Complex Solutions


I.T. Co. and EVRAAS Have Founded “EVRAAS. IT” — a New Player in the Market of Security-Related Complex Solutions
I.T. Co. and the sci-tech center EVRAAS announced creation of Close Joint-Stock Company “EVRAAS – Information Technologies” (EVRAAS. IT) that will specialize in information security services and development of object security systems. Foundation of this new company was dictated by the need to concentrate efforts in information and object security area due to increasing demand for combined solutions in this sector.

The priority task for EVRAAS. IT will be creation of integrated information and technical security systems for major commercial and state-owned enterprises. Another strategic direction of the company is consulting projects on information security management and business flow continuity. In addition to that EVRAAS. IT will audit security systems for members of the Visa and MasterCard payment systems on their compliance with the PCI DSS standard. This service is necessary for everyone who works with plastic cards: and first of all, for banks, as well as processing centers, retailers and the like.

The new company consists of specialists from the information security systems and the technical security departments of I.T. Co., a major system integrator. The staff is comprised of the professionals who have been working in the area of information security for over 15 years and possess vast experience in various projects, both related to information security and object protection. The team of EVRAAS. IT specialists was further reinforced by experts from the Scientific and Technical Center EVRAAS, which was established by the renowned industrial Euro-Asian Association of Security Goods and Services Manufacturers.

Andrey Petukhov, former head of the Department of Information Security Systems at I.T. Co., was appointed the Director General of EVRAAS. IT. Under the leadership of Andrey Petukhov in 2004–2008 I.T. Co. has performed security-related projects for Stavropol Water Power Plant, Industrial and Construction Bank, Group of companies AvtoSpetsCenter, RUSAL, RF Federal Customs Service, Irkutskenergo, OJSC Russian Railways, Rosnedvizhimost, United Metallurgical Company and many other commercial and state-owned enterprises.

EVRAAS. IT has all the necessary resources and competence to provide the full scope of services in analysis, auditing, consulting, design, development, implementation (installation, setting-up, commissioning) and maintenance of information and technical (object) security systems and tools. The operates in compliance with the QC requirements ISO 9000 and the EVRAAS’ Standard for Security Related Business Activities.

Andrey Petukhov, Director General of EVRAAS. IT, notes: “For a long time I. T. Co.’s projects in the areas of information and technical security have been carried out by various departments, information security and technical security teams worked independently from each other. But nowadays corporate clients require combined solutions. That’s why in our new company EVRAAS.IT we have combined all the information and technical security resources, experience and expertise owned by I.T. Co. to take on truly large-scale projects. And we see the growing significance of information and technical security issues for our clients. This gives us reasons to expect rapid development of this business in the next few years.”

I.T. Co. will continue executing projects for its corporate clients in developing overall architecture of integrated systems, including IT solutions and security systems, as well as integration of IT solutions and security systems. To fulfill other security-related tasks I. T. Co. will use the resources and experience of its strategic partner – EVRAAS. IT company.

About the Sci-Tech Center EVRAAS

The Scientific and Technical Center EVRAAS was established in 1996 and holds licenses from the Federal Security Service of Russia, Federal Service for Technology and Export Control, Roscosmos, EMERCOM, Federal Chamber of Audit, and Russian Ministry of Construction, — all of which allow the company to perform work in the whole specter of security related areas; the company also has its own production facilities and staffed of highly qualified specialists. The company’s quality control system has been certified according to GOST R ISO 9001—2001. For detailed information click here.

Euro-Asian Association of Security Goods and Services Manufacturers (EVRAAS), founded in 1993, consolidates more than 70 Russian enterprises that provide services and manufacture equipment for the security sector. Activities of EVRAAS are oriented at promoting services and equipment offered by its members to the executive authorities of Russia, Russian defense industry, as well as Russian transportation and communication enterprises.

Those organizations whose interests are represented by the Association manufacture equipment for ensuring complex security of objects, information security and data leakage detection tools, communication tools, counter-terrorist equipment, tools for registering traffic control conversations and telemetric information, and other special-purpose equipment.

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