I.T. Co. to Create an Internet Reception for Volgogradenergosbyt


I.T. Co. to Create an Internet Reception for Volgogradenergosbyt
I.T. Co. has embarked on the project of creating a web portal for OJSC Volgogradenergosbyt (Volgograd Energy Distribution Company). The portal shall be used for active interaction with clients and will serve as a source of reference information about the enterprise operations.

The main activity of OJSC Volgogradenergosbyt is wholesale purchase and distribution of electric power in the retail market to industrial and other consumers, including socially significant organizations and general public in the territory of the Volgograd Region, on the basis of power supply service agreements. In December of 2007 the enterprise switched to a new standard of client servicing that defined the specific characteristics of customer-related operations. Volgogradenergosbyt has chosen the form of internet reception as one of the efficient channels for exchanging information with its clients and announced the tender for development of such web portal. I. T. Co. won the tender and was awarded contract.

I.T. Co.’s experts will develop and commission this portal, which in turn will assist in automating the client related activities of Volgogradenergosbyt personnel. The client has chosen the best priced solution — Microsoft Office SharePoint Server 2007, as the process platform for the web portal. Thanks to the ADO.Net technology, the portal will be later integrated with the existing DBMS Oracle-based billing system and the Oracle E-Business Suite ERP System, which will give the subscribers ability to independently review the history of their payments for electricity.

The portal will be also integrated with familiar office software, electronic mail and web browsers, thus accelerating the process of training Volgogradenergosbyt staff to use the portal.

Thanks to the portal, the staff of Volgogradenergosbyt will gain the ability of providing interactive services to clients: advise them about existing services, respond to their requests and complaints, provide information about charges and payments, inform about arrears, payment terms and changes in tariff rates. Residents of the region will be able to take reading from electricity meters themselves and enter them for further processing using their personal codes. Corporate subscribers will be able to review their power consumption and file requests for electricity use on their own. This portal will give the management of Volgogradenergosbyt ability to monitor and control the client servicing process.

The project will be implemented in stages. Before the end of 2008 I.T. Co.’s specialists shall develop the web portal itself and the tools for integrating it with the billing and ERP systems. After that they will train Volgogradenergosbyt staff and then start operational testing of the system. Initially access to the portal will be given to 20 employees of the enterprise.

Valeriy Rodin, Head of the Information Technologies Service at OJSC Volgogradenergosbyt, says: “This portal for client-related services, developed by I.T. Co. shall serve as an interactive reception desk of OJSC Volgogradenergosbyt, which will not only improve the quality of services provided to our clients, but will also reduce the enterprise’s costs of processing information coming from the clients’ side.”

About OJSC Volgogradenergosbyt
After regional energy companies were divided according to the nature of their business in the course of reforming the Unified Energy System of the Russian Federation (RAO UES Russia), on January 1, 2005 Volgogradenergosbyt became an independent company, evolving into an open joint-stock company. The decision to single out the energy distributing service into a separate business entity was made at the extraordinary general meeting of OJSC Volgogradenergosbyt’s shareholders. The structure of OJSC Volgogradenergosbyt is made up of the following institutions: Volgograd and Volga Administrations, Pravoberezhniy, Kamyshinsk, Mikhailovsk and Uryupinsk Interdistrict Administrations. More detailed information about Volgogradenergosbyt.

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