I. T.Co. to Put into Service an Open-Source ERP System — the First Such Installation in Russia


I. T.Co. to Put into Service an Open-Source ERP System — the First Such Installation in Russia
I.T. Co.became an exclusive partner of the leading worldwide manufacturer of open-source ERP systems — US company Compiere. And the first contract for implementing this ERP system in Russia has already been signed — with Komplekt LLC. This company, whose office is located on the Sakhalin island, works in the consumer goods wholesale market.Commercial operation of this ERP system is planned to start in the beginning of 2009.

The contract with Compiere stipulates that I.T. Co. shall be its exclusive Russian partner ’till the end of 2009. During this time I.T. Co.plans to localize the Compiere ERP system and establish continuous cooperation with clients throughout Russia, offering them consulting, implementation and technical support services. I.T. Co. needed partnership with Compiere to broaden the portfolio of its services offered to the rapidly developing small and medium business companies with yearly turnover of up to $50–70 mln. I.T. Co.believes the of Compiere’s open source business software is quite promising, as this is an optimal solution for moderate-size companies and has almost all of the functions that Oracle’s E-Business Suite has in terms of managerial accounting, purchases and sales management, but with a free license and a relatively low cost of ownership. Another advantage of Compiere’s ERP system is that it is based on Java technologies — a solution popular and comprehensible for a wide circle of IT specialists. Thanks to this fact the clients of I.T. Co. will not have tp pay much for administration, maintenance of the system and user training.Compiere’s ERP system is compatible with the latest versions of the most popular DBMSs, integration platforms and internet browsers, which significantly simplifies its implementation, use and integration with other business software used at most enterprises.

I.T. Co.plans to perform the most of the ERP system installation and fine-tuning works at Compiere remotely over the Internet.Community version of the system and flash videos demonstrating the interface and functionality of the system are currently available at the manufacturer’s web site. Professional version of the program is only available through official partners of Compiere. I.T. Co. has localized Compiere ERP system for its clients, i. e. they translated the interface and documentation into Russian, and also adapted it to the Russian legislation. A team of specialists has already completed localization of the interface and is currently working on the documents and adjusting the system, bringing it in compliance with specific Russian requirements for accounting, as well as with the accounting and tax reporting standards.

The main goal of implementing this ERP system in Komplekt LLC is automation of administrative and financial accounting of goods and monetary resources. The company is aggressively developing, but it’ s been working in the market for a rather short time, so the accounting issues have not been automated yet. Currently I.T. Co. is examining and describing the processes and accounting rules of its first client. As soon as the system will be in full compliance with the requirements of the Russian accounting standards, I.T. Co.plans its fast installation and adjustment. One implementation specialist from I.T. Co. is working on Sakhalin; other experts regularly keep in touch with the client by Skype. In January of 2009 Komplekt LLC shall already have at its disposal all functions of the ERP system, and the company’s management will be able to experience all advantages of automated accounting for the managing and planning purposes.

Compiere system is the second ERP solution offered by I.T. Co. for small and medium businesses. I.T. Co. is also implementing Oracle E-Business Suite ERP systems for companies with annual turnover between $50 and $250 mln. I.T. Co. sees machine building, equipment manufacturing, trading, food-processing, woodworking and furniture enterprises as its current and prospective customers.Besides, I.T. Co. offers its HRM and CRM systems BOSS Kadrovik and SugarCRM for lease to small and medium businesses. Use of the SaaS model can also lower the cost of automation and business development for rapidly developing companies.

About Compiere company and ERP system Compiere 3.1

Compiere was founded in 1999 by former employees of global leaders in business software development. The company was the first in the IT market to develop an open source ERP/CRM system. Over 8 years of its life Compiere ERP has gained rather vast popularity, and in 2007 the number of system downloads reached one million worldwide.Compiere already has several thousand corporate clients.

In August 2008 Compiere launched its new version of the ERP system — Compiere 3.1. The updated version has over 400 new functional and engineering features that should make system implementation and usage more convenient and lower the cost of its installation and adaptation.

The new version of the system has tools that are supposed to facilitate the access to the ERP system’s data for end-users and developers through its integration with external open-source and proprietary applications for business analysis and reports generation. Apart from that, the ERP system allows clients to add their own control indicators that can cover clients, suppliers, goods, sales and deliveries management processes.

Manufacturing and distribution companies will find additional functions in this new version dealing with managing of finances, purchases, materials, production, orders, sales and services. For instance it can be the mechanism of multi-level specifications for production management or tools for monitoring of the orders completion process. Distributors will enjoy such features of the system as support of user payment calendars, creation of document packages, mechanism for exact location of goods in warehouses, as well as tools for integration with other electronic documentation flow systems.

The new version of the ERP system is compatible with the latest versions of the most popular DBMSs, integration platforms and internet browsers.

Version Compiere 3.1 is released, as usual, in three options: “open” Community Edition, typical Standard Edition and enhanced Professional Edition. For detailed information click here.

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