I.T. Creates a Messaging System for the Voronezh Region Administration


I.T. Creates a Messaging System for the Voronezh Region Administration
I.T. Co. began development of a unified messaging system for the Voronezh Region Administration. The project is being executed within the framework of target Development of IT in the Voronezh region for 2006–2010 program. The new system will lower the cost of information exchange between the Administration employees, and speed up the managerial decisions making and approval process.

One of the goals of Development of Information Technologies in the Voronezh Region for 2006–2010 program is enhancement of the government administration efficiency in the region through implementation and wide application of modern information, communication and innovation technologies. Therefore one of the areas of program application became the modernization of information infrastructure of the Regional Administration that will also include creation of a messaging system. Objectives of this project — to improve the efficiency of Administration employees interaction and lower the cost of information exchange between them. I.T. Co. won the tender for the project execution. The company has performed IT projects for the Voronezh region Administration since 2003. They include implementation of BOSS-Referent enterprise content management system and Microsoft Active Directory service.

During the project I.T. will unroll messaging system Microsoft Exchange Server 2007 and consolidated communications system Microsoft Office Communications Server 2007. The project will result in creation of a uniform messaging system for all geographically distributed departments of the Administration.

The new messaging system will let the Administration employees use voice and electronic mail, exchange instant messages (internal chat) and hold audio, video and web conferences regardless of their location (e. g., from a notebook, desktop PC or a pocket PC). At the same time built-in spam and virus protection guarantees security of official information, letting users work with confidential documents during their business trips. Audio, video and web conferences will save money on organization of meetings and save specialists time spent on gatherings and meetings. Employees processing the same document will take advantage of a common desktop. Several users will be able to view and edit the same file simultaneously, which will enhance joint work and decrease the time required for preparation and approval of documents.

The project will be executed in one stage. I.T. specialists will install the software and put the messaging system in trial operation by the end of 2008. After that the system will be put into commercial operation.

Anatoliy Yurochkin, head of the IT Administration of the Voronezh Region, commented: “Thanks to implementation of the new messaging system, the Administration employees will receive a convenient tool for collective work and real-time communication. Lack of their workstations will no longer limit access to mailboxes and other important information. The decisions will be made faster and the regional administration efficiency in general will improve”.

About the Voronezh region Administration
The Voronezh region Administration is the supreme executive authority of the region.It is responsible for all governance matters in the region. Since 2006 the Voronezh region includes 534 municipalities, including 3 town districts and 31 municipal districts.
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