I.T. Adapts Compiere ERP for Russian Clients


I.T. Adapts Compiere ERP for Russian Clients
I.T. Co., the exclusive partner of the world’ s leading developer of open source ERP systems — American company Compiere, completed localization of Compiere 3.1 Professional Edition interface. The Russian version of the system will be presented at Softool-2008.

Compiere ERP is an open source enterprise management system designed for fast complex automation of small and medium enterprises. The system is ideal for companies that do not need expanded functionality of traditional ERPs, but need precise and up to date data to make managerial decisions.

In August of 2008 Compiere released the new version of ERP system — Compiere 3.1. As usual, it was offered in three versions: open Community Edition, typical Standard Edition, and extended Professional Edition.Community Edition is freely accessible at the company’ s website.Being the sole Russian partner of Compiere ’till the end of 2009, I.T. is in charge of implementation and technical support of the system at enterprises that chose Standard and Professional Edition.

One of the main prerequisites for successful promotion of Compiere ERP system in Russia is its localization, e. g. translation of the interface and documentation to Russian, and adaptation to the Russian legislation. Therefore as soon as the new version of Compiere was released I.T. specialists began complete localization of Professional Edition.

Initially the interface of Professional Edition was translated to&nbspRussian, and then I.T. localized the documentation. Currently the system is being adapted to the Russian accounting, taxation and reporting rules. The completely localized solution will be available for Russian companies in the 1st quarter of 2009.

I.T.Co. is localizing Compiere 3.1 Professional Edition in parallel with implementation of the system at its first clients — companies specializing in wholesale of consumer goods.

For the first time the Russian version of Compiere ERP will be officially presented at the national IT and computers expo Softool-2008 that will take place September 30 through October 3 at Expocenter on Kransaya Presnya. In their stand I.T. specialists will describe all the advantages of open source ERP, and demonstrate the localized Compiere 3.1 Professional Edition interface.

About Compiere
Compiere was founded in 1999 by former employees of global leaders in business software development. The company was the first in the IT market to develop a complete open source ERP/CRM system. Over 8 years of its life Compiere ERP has gained rather vast popularity, and in 2007 the number of downloads reached one million worldwide.Compiere already has several thousand corporate clients. For more detailed information click here.

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