I.T. Consolidates Information Management Expertise


I.T. Consolidates Information Management Expertise
I.T. has formed the new Department of Information Management Technologies consolidating all practical experience of I.T. in the information management solutions. Denis Krasavin, former I.T.’s head of the ECMS Department, became its director. 

Department of Information Management Technologies will be responsible for development of solutions and execution of projects in such market-demanded areas, as:
  • development of enterprise content management systems
  • modeling and automation of business-processes, development of electronic regulations
  • creation of electronic archives for managerial, financial, design, scientific, technical and other documentation
  • development of corporate search and analytic systems, knowledge management systems
  • development of corporate performance management systems: report generation, strategic planning and budgeting, monitoring of key performance indicators, analysis and statistical processing of information.
Consolidation of information management practices allowed forming a strong team of experts with over 10 years of successful experience in creation of electronic archives, search and analytic systems, unique developments in electronic regulations, etc. Due to the synergetic effect from such consolidation I.T. can now offer unique corporate content management solutions to customers of any size working in various industries.

The timing for creation of the new department is dictated by the demand for complex solutions in management of the entire information life cycle in the Russian market. “The analytical research data shows that majority of companies currently use only 15% of the information they possess, while its volume usually doubles every year. At the same time our customers are getting aware that in the days of ‘knowledge economy’ information is one of the key assets of a company. And the extent to which employees and managers of organizations can utilize the accumulated information defines the quality of corporate management, competitiveness, and sometimes even the sustainability of a company”,— says Dmitry Romanov, CIO for Management Technologies Development.

Today information management solutions are demanded not only by large commercial enterprises, but also by government organizations. Information management technologies let commercial companies maintain the required level of competitive ability, and optimize the cost of information systems ownership. For the government structures it means the ability to provide high quality of services to population and organizations, lower costs, and standardize the administration and management processes.

Denis Krasavin, I.T.’s head of Information Management Technologies Department: “Our goal is to become the top team of corporate information management experts in the market. The department already employs over 100 specialists, and we plan to triple this number in 2 years. One of the key objectives is an increase in the share of large projects for commercial clients, also in the Russian regions, development of the regional resource base. I estimate that the share of the department in overall structure of I.T. revenues will reach at least 30% in one year.”

Denis Krasavin has been employee of I.T. since 2001. Until 2006 Denis was in charge of I.T. government sector sales. And it is thanks to Denis Krasavin's work that I.T. initiated large projects with such clients as the Russian Federation Tax Service and the Federal Real Estate Cadastre Agency. In February 2006 Denis became the head of the I.T. Electronic Document Management Department, and the department grew more than tenfold in two years. In August 2008 he was appointed Director of the I.T. Information Management Technologies Department. The department's clients include the Tax Service of the Russian Federation, Federal Real Estate Cadastre Agency, Ministry of Natural Resources of RF, Russian Mass Media, Communications and Cultural Protection Service, Federal Agency for the Administration of Special Economic Zones, Academy of National Economy, IzhAvto, Silvinite, Uralvagonzavod, and others.

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