I.T. Co. Becomes Avaya Gold Partner


I.T. Co. Becomes Avaya Gold Partner
Today I.T. Co. is involved in development, modernization and integration of corporate communication and data transmission networks using the entire range of Avaya products and solutions, development of traditional and IP telephone networks, along with contact centers based on Avaya equipment. There are 7 Avaya-certified specialists working in the I.T. Co. central and regional offices.

During 2007–2008 I.T. Co. executed a number of complex projects involving Avaya technologies for production and trade companies. A wide-scale project for five EuroChem Mineral and Chemical Company plants includes complex modernization of the telephone communication system and implementation of internal public address system, as well as a dispatch system. I.T. Co. will replace the outdated exchange stations with digital automatic exchanges, implement IP telephony and additional services based on it. The Avaya-based solutions offered by I.T. Co. provide for high communications reliability with minimum operating costs. The corporate telephone network designed by I.T. Co. united 10 regional offices of Luding — Russia's biggest seller of alcoholic beverages. Last year I.T. Co. has also created several contact centers for multi-industry holding Vallex and tourism company Pegas-Touristic.

“I.T. Co. will pursue active development of universal intelligent communications based on Avaya technologies. Such solutions are highly demanded today by a wide range of customers. Geographically-distributed holdings are interested in significant expansion of communications potential: their employees will not be tied down to the office, will always be accessible and be able to transmit data, voice and video. Additional communication services, such as web, video and audio conferencing, joint work with documents in the on-line mode, remote access to corporate information systems, are turning into a real factor facilitating efficiency and competitive ability improvements in companies where communications constitute an important part of business-processes” — says Alexander Levashov, head of the I.T. Co. Communication Systems Department.

Collaboration of I.T. Co. and Avaya lasts for more than 10 years. A number of large projects were executed during this period for commercial and government clients: Krasnoyarsk and Zeya Hydroelectric Power Plants, Production Association Electrochemical Plant, company Microgen, Arkhangelsk Pulp and Paper Mill, Russian Federation Ministry for Taxes and Charges, and others.

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