I.T. Co. Audited and Modernized IT Infrastructure at IzhAvto


I.T. Co. Audited and Modernized IT Infrastructure at IzhAvto
I.T. Co. has completed a complex audit and modernization of IT infrastructure at Izhevsk Automotive Plant. The project included analysis of the company's network architecture, provision of Active Directory development and support services, and implementation of Microsoft System Center Configuration Manager 2007 and System Center Operations Manager 2007 solutions. This allowed for automation of the information infrastructure management and monitoring of business applications efficiency at the company.

Izhevsk Automotive Plant (IzhAvto) is one of the oldest car makers in Russia and holds the second place in Russia in passenger cars production. Currently the plant is actively executing the production modernization and re-equipment program, and the IT infrastructure modernization project is a part of it.

The need of a complex information infrastructure management audit and automation is dictated by the growing information flows within the company and presence of outdated and inefficiently interconnected elements of the plant's computing network. I.T. Co. was chosen as the project executor, and commenced its work in May of 2008.

During the first stage I.T. Co. has audited the Microsoft Active Directory service. The audit results were used to prepare recommendations on its development and further support. After that I.T. Co. began inventory of the software installed at IzhAvto.

Based on the inventory results, I.T. Co. specialists designed and implemented automated information infrastructure management system using Microsoft System Center Configuration Manager 2007 and end-to-end servers and applications control system Microsoft System Center Operations Manager 2007.

Implementation of Microsoft System Center Configuration Manager 2007 will let the company achieve the maximum return on investments into equipment and software, and provide the necessary software to users, since the number of manual software installation and configuration operations will decrease significantly. Thanks to Microsoft System Center Operations Manager Server 2007 IzhAvto IT specialists will get the ability of centralized monitoring of servers and applications, and, thus, address possible malfunctions promptly. Moreover, the new information infrastructure management automation facilities will allow for more precise planning of the plant's IT infrastructure development, calculate the capacity of networks, and distribute load between servers.

I.T. Co. has also analyzed the network infrastructure and software, took inventory of the equipment, analyzed the network architecture, logical design of the network infrastructure, and loading of the active network equipment resources.

Project execution took 4 months, and it gave IzhAvto management the complete report on the current telecommunication and information infrastructure status.

Vladimir Kosarev, head of the IzhAvto IT Infrastructure Department, commented: “This project gave us manageable information infrastructure allowing for automation of the key IT processes, including configuration, releases and changes management. Implementation of Microsoft solutions lets us bring the IzhAvto information infrastructure in line with the current requirements of the company's dynamically developing business.”

About IzhAvto
Izhevsk Automotive Plant is a successful stable enterprise. Over the past several years the production indicators and demand for Izhevsk cars grew multifold. During forty years of operations Izhevsk Automotive Plant manufactured over 4 million vehicles and evoluted from «Moskvich» to the latest modern brands. Special accent is made on the assembly quality; IzhAvto quality management system is GOST R ISO 9001–2001 certified. Strategic alliance between Izhevsk Automotive Plant and KIA Motors Corporation is considered one of the most efficient in the modern automotive industry. Today IzhAvto is a multi-brand plant that manufactures KIA Spectra, KIA Sorento, VAZ-2104, IZh-27175 cars. More detailed information is available at the company's official website: www. izh-auto. ru.

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