I.T. Co. to Present Specialized Solutions for Law Enforcements Bodies at Interpolitex-2008


I.T. Co. to Present Specialized Solutions for Law Enforcements Bodies at Interpolitex-2008
I.T. Co. will present its new security solutions at the XII International Exposition Interpolitex-2008. I.T. Co. specialists will demonstrate weather-proof vandal-resistant computing complex, mobile workstation for employees of the Federal Migration Service of Russia, and Motorola mobile computers for first response services at their stand (С 0-1, 1st floor).

Weather-proof vandal-resistant computing complex based on specialized computer equipment and engineering systems was developed by I.T. Co. for the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Russia. Such complexes will be used as autonomous maintenance-free network nodes for the Unified information-telecommunication system (UITS) that will unite all MIA departments with high-speed communication channels by 2010. Use of vandal-resistant complexes will facilitate optimization of costs and terms for unrolling UITS in small towns. Technical parameters of the weather-proof enclosure allow several telecommunication and server systems installation and operation options in various conditions, including in unsheltered and unprepared locations. Cabinet with equipment can be operated with outside temperatures between –65°C and +45°C. Such cabinets can really shorten the time required for unrolling UITS nodes: installation takes only 10 hours, while dismounting (e.g., when a MIA department moves) — less than 5 hours. All this leads to significant savings on preparation and equipment costs for premises used for installation of computing systems.

Mobile workstation developed by I.T. Co. includes a secure laptop, scanner, communication equipment, and life support facilities: diesel generating set, refrigerator, microwave oven, kettle. Moreover, it is possible to connect additional devices, such as Motorola mobile computer and fingerprint scanner. All equipment is located inside a motor vehicle built on Maxus Van chassis (LDV Holdings, GAZ International, Great Britain). Such mobile workstation lets the Federal Migration Agency employees identify infractions committed by foreign citizens and persons without citizenship, control violations, send information to the central registration database on foreign citizens and persons without citizenship in the RF territory. The mobile workstation allows for on-site inspections where there are numerous foreign citizens reside, simultaneous inspections in different offices of the same company, as well as joint operations with Russian law enforcement agencies.

The Motorola mobile computers can be used in migration registration departments of the Federal Migration Agency of Russia. High durability mobile devices allow for easy transmission and receipt of information used for prompt decision-making. Support of broadband networks, various cellular networks, as well as local area networks guarantees uninterrupted, widely accessible and reliable communications for numerous employees of various government agencies - from law enforcement and fire departments to federal and regional administrations, education and transport departments. At the same time this equipment is distinguished by simple integration and low aggregate cost of ownership.

MIA of Russia stand (next to I.T. Co., C 1, 1st floor) will present STRAS Meditsina — specialized geographically distributed automated information support system for departmental healthcare, remote medical consultations and distance education of medical specialists management system. STRAS Meditsina was developed jointly by I.T. Co. and STEL – Computer Systems. The system is designed for collection, processing, accumulation of information about the results of work of law enforcement agencies' medical departments, information exchange between them, creation of single information environment for all medical and other concerned departments of DIA. STRAS Meditsina allows for automation of remote medical assistance, expert assessment of medical examination results, training of medical specialists, analysis of statistical indicators of personnel health for DIA and internal security troops. Moreover, it allows for monitoring of results of medical departments of the MIA, Central Internal Affairs Directorate, Directorates of Internal Affairs of RF subjects, and medical units of the MIA system of Russia.

I.T. Co. is a regular participant of Interpolitex expo, and every year presents unique developments for law enforcement agencies and other ministries and departments involved in fighting organized crime and terrorism, as well as protecting business and lives.

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