I.T. Co. has Contributed to the OMI System Development


I.T. Co. has Contributed to the OMI System Development
I.T. Co. completed complex audit of the IT facilities of the Federal Obligatory Medical Insurance Fund in Moscow and its 59 regional branches all over Russia. Recommendations prepared by the I.T. Co. specialists will be used by the OMIF specialists during development of the public OMI information system within the framework of "Concept of IT development for the obligatory medical insurance system for 2008–2010". I.T. Co. has also initiated the technical design and implementation of infrastructure monitoring and management solution project for the OMIF.

The Federal Obligatory Medical Insurance Fund (OMIF) is responsible for realization of the state policy in obligatory medical insurance of citizens. The OMIF executes all IT projects in accordance with the "OMI IT Development Concept for 2008–2010". The concept provides for development of the unified personalized registration system for the medical services provided based on wide-scale application of the modern information technologies. Development of the public OMI IT system will solve a number of problems: lack of single registration standards for insured persons and medical services provided, use of diverse IT systems that do not give the overall picture on the federal level.

Analysis of the OMIF IT development level

Before development of the public OMI IT system, in spring of 2008 the OMIF Administration decided to analyze the current obligatory medical insurance IT development level in all Russian regions, as well as business-processes of the regional OMI funds for their subsequent unification.

I.T. Co. has won the public OMIF tender. In this tender I.T. Co. competed against IBS, "I-Teko", FSU Research Institute for Technical Information Protection Problems of Voronezh, "Cognitive Technologies", "BIT. Business Automation" and others. I.T. Co. offered the best project execution terms and price. The project budget exceeded 21 million rubles.

The project commenced with the analysis and description of the insured persons and medical services provided register compilation processes in the regional OMI funds. After that the I.T. Co. specialists took inventory of all IT resources of the OMIF and its branches in 59 Russian regions: computing, telecommunication, engineering infrastructure, software used, information protection facilities and current models of information exchange with other automated systems, and evaluated the preparation level of IT specialists in the federal and regional OMI funds.

The project produced a consolidated report containing the description and analysis of the current level of IT facilities in the regional OMI funds, identified problem areas of the IT infrastructure and presented recommendations on their modernization, gave recommendations on unification of insured persons and medical services provided registration processes in the regional OMI funds.

The analysis results will help the OMIF in prompt and centralized unification and shaping of the current business processes and uniting of the available IT resources, which will further facilitate efficient data collection from the bottom level of the OMI system — from the regional funds — for processing on the federal level.

Implementation of the OMIF IT infrastructure monitoring and management system

Public OMI information system on the central node segment level of the single OMI information space (OMI IS CNS) is one of the most important components of the State obligatory medical insurance information system (SIS OMI). The monitoring and management system will help OMIF to reach the required level of continuity and reliability of SIS OMI information services through centralization and automation of computing and telecommunication equipment, information protection facilities and applications support. The monitoring system will allow for its subsequent replication in the regional OMI funds nation-wide. The value of this government contract exceeded 27.7 million rubles.

The monitoring and management system based on Microsoft System Center Operations Manager 2007 and Microsoft System Center Configuration Manager 2007 solutions will consist of several modules: monitoring of the data transmission network, monitoring of servers and applications, monitoring of services accessibility, events collection and processing, software inventory and management, remote control of server systems, modeling and visualization of services.

I.T. Co. completed the project in record time. Putting of OMI IS CNS in commercial operation is scheduled for the beginning of spring of 2009. Pursuant to the government contract terms I.T. Co. will train the OMIF technical specialists that are responsible for administration and operation of the system being developed.

Implementation of the monitoring and management system will allow the OMIF to optimize the IT infrastructure support and modernization processes, provide centralized software updating for users workstations. All this should lower the OMI information system cost of ownership.

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