I.T. Co. Library Receives New Book on Structured Cabling Systems


I.T. Co. Library Receives New Book on Structured Cabling Systems
New book by SCS expert from I.T. Co., Andrey Semenov, was published in November of 2008 —Administration of Structured Cabling Systems. The new book is the fifth publication in the I.T. Co. SCS library.

This book is of the greatest interest for SCS specialists. It contains complete information on the entire cycle of SCS administration, and includes the full description of the modern administration technology development and SCS standardization status.

The book present regulatory and technical framework based on two standards — American TIA/EIA-606-А and international ISO/IEC 14763-1. Four system classes are described allowing to choose the administration method. A class is assigned based on the cabling infrastructure size and complexity. Five levels of structured cabling administration system are also reviewed. Detailed information is presented about databases and their components that form the framework for the administration concept.

The author extensively covers the most relevant area of SCS administration — interactive management systems. The book gives a detailed overview of the most popular systems, including PatchView, iPatch, iTracs and Future-Patch. Description of these solutions is illustrated by a big number of diagrams and drawings that significantly increase the information content of the material presented.

At the same time the author describes certain software products for non-interactive management of the cabling system, and presents the data on designation and main parameters of hardware used for support of the SCS configuration process.

A separate block contains information about the labeling of SCS components, requirements towards them, classification and individual marking application methods. Glued labels, specialized cabling marking elements and switchboards and sockets marking methods are described in great detail. The book also reviews methods for increasing the efficiency of passive identification of functional sections and switchboard ports. The issues of SCS maintenance during operation and actions of the personnel during SCS operation in emergency situations are covered.

The book’s author, Andrey Semenov, is I.T. Co. SCS Development Director, Doctor of Science, Lecturer and Head of the Structured Cabling Systems Faculty of the Moscow Technical University of Communications and Information Technologies (MTUCIT). Semenov is one of the developers of the first national structured cabling systems product — I.T.-SCS. He is the author of 5 monographs and over 100 scientific articles.

The book is published by I.T.-Press and DMK Press publishing houses.

About I.T.-Press publishing project
The I.T. Co. Academy's publishing project offers a unique set of publications in the national book markets on IT and their application in business. This includes popular series of books: ИТИ. Информационные технологии для инженеров (ITE. Information Technologies for Engineers), Управление проектами (Project Management), ИТ-Экономика (IT Economics), БизнесПРО. Процессы, Продукты, Прогнозы (BusinessPRO. Processes, Products, Forecasts), Информационная безопасность (Information Security), Корпоративный Университет (Corporate University), and books that have been widely accepted by readers and became bestsellers: The Art of Deceit and The Art of Invasion by Kevin Mitnik, SAP R/3 Implementation. Guide for Managers and Engineers by V. Kale, Hi-tech Programs and Projects Management by Russell D. Archibald, Structured Cabling Systems by A. B. Semenov, I. R. Suncheley, S. K. Strizhakov and others.

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