I.T. Co. will Help Moscow Control Lighting


I.T. Co. will Help Moscow Control Lighting
I.T. Co. won the tender conducted by the IT Development Administration of Moscow and gained the right to carry out research and development works in Development of integrated Moscow outdoor lighting information and control system. The value of this government contract is 190 million rubles.

The integrated outdoor lighting information and control system (IOLICS) is designed to improve the efficiency, reliability and quality of outdoor lighting in Moscow, and to facilitate prompt management and action of technical and dispatch services in case of emergencies and malfunctions. The system will provide employees of Mossvet and all stakeholders with relevant information about the status of lighting and automate the main types of operations and processes related to organization of outdoor lighting.

The main users of the new system will be branches of SUE Mossvet along with contractor organizations responsible for management, maintenance, overhaul and reconstruction of utility, architectural, artistic and advertising lighting in Moscow.

The first electric lights came to Moscow in 1880, and today SUE Mossvet assets include about 313 thousand lighting fixtures, 229 thousand light poles and 137 transformer stations. The length of 0.4 kV distribution grid exceeds 16 thousand kilometers. Overall, the Moscow outside lighting system is a complex organization-technical structure that needs an efficient management instrument. IOLICS will become this instrument - an integrated hardware and software complex designed for management of the outdoor lighting system resources. The system will handle the information entry, storage, processing and provision processes.

Development of the new system is aimed at achievement of economic, technical and social objectives. Thus, it will help in establishing centralized management of outdoor lighting, automate technological, production and organizational processes of outdoor lighting organization, speed up reporting and information interaction between SUE Mossvet, contractor organizations and fuel and power department of the Moscow government. The new system will unite several information systems of different levels, including the ones SUE Mossvet and its contractors used before. Implementation of the system along with modernization of the telecommunication channels will facilitate improvement of coordination of the SUE Mossvet departments and contractor organizations.

Development and implementation of IOLICS should create comfortable and safe conditions for the residents and motor traffic, improve the appearance of the city streets, highways and squares, will help in lowering crime in the city and lower the power consumption costs.

The entire project execution should take two years, and will be completed by the end of 2010. I.T. Co. will work in four main areas:
  • expansion of the capacities of the current automated outdoor lighting dispatch and management system;
  • development of automated corporate processes management system;
  • creation and development of the common outdoor lighting and information services information environment;
  • development of software and hardware facilities for the outdoor lighting IT system (IOLICS infrastructure).

About the IT Development Department of Moscow
IT Development Department of Moscow is an executive authority subordinated to the Moscow Government that implements the city policy and carries out inter-department coordination in IT development of other executive bodies of the Capital. Additional information is available at IT Development Department website.

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