I.T.Co. Modernized the Main Archive of the Moscow Region


I.T.Co. Modernized the Main Archive of the Moscow Region
I.T. Co. modernized the IT system at the Main State Archive (Glavarchiv) of the Moscow region. The old system, running under MS-DOS (FoxPro database), accumulated archive data for the previous 15 years. I.T. Co. has developed a new web-application to handle this data and migrate it to the new database running under MS SQL Server.

The Ministry of Information Technologies and Communications of the Moscow region held a tender in May of 2008 for development and implementation of electronic reference card-file system (ERCF) for the Main State Archive to provide for execution of the registered inquiries from the state services recipients for decisions of the state authorities.

I.T. Co. won the tender and developed the new ERCF system for the Main State Archive in several months - from June 'till October. ERCF automates the main operations performed by employees of archive organizations of the Moscow region in processing of inquiries for decisions of authorities of the Moscow region. I.T. Co. has also facilitated technical capability for creation of the electronic archive of decisions of the Moscow region authorities.

Previously the Main State Archive handled archive documents using "Information database of decisions of the Executive Committee of People's Deputies Council of the Moscow region" system that was running under MS-DOS (FoxPro database) and performed the functions of an electronic card-file. The system contained about 100 000 electronic cards with details that corresponded to specific documents stored in archives of the Moscow region. The system operated for about 15 years and some of its functions are not supported by the modern software, which increased the risk of data loss.

New software for ERCF developed by I.T. Co. is a web-application running under applications server Apache Tomcat a database in MS SQL Server 2005. I.T. Co. specialists carried out migration of data from the old system to the new one. The accumulated data loss risk is taken to the minimum. Archive specialists got a modern ergonomic graphical web-interface that significantly expands the capability of operations with the data stored in the system. Thus, the system includes full-text search allowing to find any information for any period of interest for the user. The system is capable of automatic generation of statistic reports on processed inquiries from recipients of government services.

Development of ERCF is aimed at improvement of the quality and accessibility of the government and municipal archive services, facilitation of conditions for quality and efficient information servicing of the population by archive organizations of the Moscow region.

Igor Romashin, First Deputy Head of the Main Archive Administration of the Moscow region, says: "Development of ERCF is aimed at improvement of the quality and accessibility of the government and municipal archive services. Thanks to this system, archives of the Moscow region can provide quality and efficient information services to the population. Development of ERCF is the first step in development of the overall archive information system for the Main State Archive of the Moscow region that will let us expand the scope of archive services provided and supply the users with relevant information within the shortest term."

About the Main State Archive of the Moscow region
Archive stock of the Moscow region currently consists of over 3 million files that span the history of the Moscow region from XVIII century 'till the present day. Today the Moscow region has one of the biggest archive systems in the Central Federal District. It includes the authorized executive body of archive department of the Moscow region authorities - the Main State Archive, Public Institution "Central State Archive of the Moscow region" and its branches, 64 archive departments (sectors) and 1 municipal administration, 2 municipal institutions "Naro-Fominskiy district archive" and "Klim town archive", 19 centers for personnel records storage. Archives of the region employ over 300 people.

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