I.T. Co. has Completed Development of Cabling Infrastructure and Communication System at Eurochem-BMU


I.T. Co. has Completed Development of Cabling Infrastructure and Communication System at Eurochem-BMU
I.T. Co. has completed works at Eurochem — Belorechenskie Minudobrenia plant. The project lasted for 3.5 years and resulted in the creation of a universal cabling infrastructure and modern communication system at the plant.

In December of 2004 I.T. Co. won the tender for development of structured cabling systems and fiber-optic communication lines for the five Eurochem plants — Kovdorskiy GOK, Nevinnomyssky Azot, Novomoskovsky Azot, PG Phosphorit and Belorechenskie Minudobrenia (Krasnodar region).

Work at Eurochem — Belorechenskie Minudobrenia plant began in spring of 2005. The project complexity was dictated by the size of the enterprise, consisting of hundreds of buildings.

Over 2.5 years the I.T. Co. specialists designed and laid fiber-optic communication lines for LAN and technical security systems, designed and built structured cabling systems and dedicated power supply systems, installed and set up UPS at switching centers, modernized UPS systems in central control rooms.

In order to provide for operating flexibility of the infrastructure and reliable protection of the client's investments, the most important objects at the plant were connected using ring topology with duplication of the critical backbone sections. Backbone lines over 500 m long were constructed using single mode optic cables made of fibers with suppressed water peak and allowing for unlimited data transmission with speeds up to 100 Gbps.

Denis Ieronimos, head of the Eurochem-BMU IT Department, says: The newly created data transmission system will become a reliable platform for further development of the corporate management, technical processes control and communication systems. The I.T. Co. specialists have developed a number of unique engineering solutions and successfully solved the cabling protection problems. Cable runs often crossed pipe and steam lines with aggressive chemical substances.

I.T. Co. spent about 1 year on development of a corporate communication system at Eurochem-BMU. The project included replacement of outdated exchange stations with digital ones, implementation of IP telephony and additional services based on it. Moreover, the I.T. Co. specialists have implemented the in-house and public address systems, and a dispatch system. Avaya equipment-based corporate communication system not only provides for high reliability of communication and enhances the convenience of interaction among the employees, but also minimizes the operating costs.

About Eurochem — Belorechenskie Minudobrenia
Eurochem — Belorechenskie Minudobrenia LLC is one of the leading enterprises in the Northern Caucasus region, big manufacturer of phosphorous and complex fertilizers.

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