I.T. Co. is Building a Multiservice Network for the Mordovia Ministry of Internal Affairs


I.T. Co. is Building a Multiservice Network for the Mordovia Ministry of Internal Affairs
I.T. Co. has completed building and reconstruction of segments of the integrated multiservice telecommunication system for the Mordovian Republic Ministry of Internal Afairs (МВД). The project was executed as part of the wide-scale MIA RF (МВД РФ) program for development of a Unified Telecommunication Information System for internal affairs agencies (ЕИТКС ОВД) and allowed for uniting of over 20 different militia stations in Saransk into a single network.

MIA of the Russian Federation began development of the Unified Telecommunication Information System for the internal affairs agencies back in 2005. In the future this system should unite all distributed information resources of the internal affairs stations and give their employees the ability to get information from all reference, investigation and forensic databases with just one inquiry. The Mordovian Republic is one of the pilot regions for implementation of the modern technologies facilitating the efficiency of information support for the internal affairs agencies and other law enforcement authorities.

In the summer of 2008 I.T. Co. won two tenders and gained the right to execute the I and II stages of the network infrastructure development and reconstruction project. The financing for this part of the project amounted to over 36 million rubles.

I.T. Co. has unrolled unified telecommunication infrastructure that spanned the district internal affairs departments of Saransk, technical department, Directorate for Combating Organized Crime (УБОП), OSSTiA (ОССТиА), learning center, State Traffic Safety Inspection Directorate (УГИБДД), IVS-1 (ИВС-1), Extradepartmental Protection Directorate (УВО), Supplies Department (ОМТиХО), Line Internal Affairs Department (ЛОВД) at Saransk railway station and Saransk airport, MIA Hospital and others. Total length of communication lines is almost 40 km. In the future the network should unite 60 internal affairs departments in the entire Mordovian Republic territory. This network infrastructure will be mainly used for voice and data transmission.

In parallel with development and reconstruction of the network I.T. Co. specialists prepared special rooms for installation of telecommunication equipment — installed access control systems, climate control systems, equipped with burglar and fire alarms, and carried out various electrical installation works.

Deputy MIA Minister of the Mordovian Republic, Administrative Commandant, Police Colonel Alexander Antipov says: “Just about every minute the internal affairs stations receive dozens of different messages. All information about crimes, incidents, lost documents, stolen vehicles and cell phones, about suspicious persons and firearms found is collected in different databases. And success of the law enforcement authorities work greatly depends on the speed with which this information will be processed and used. Digital technologies are developing rapidly today, their application in the MIA system help in solving thousands of crimes”.

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