I.T. Co. Completed Construction of a Call Center for Pegas Touristic


I.T. Co. Completed Construction of a Call Center for Pegas Touristic
I.T. Co. has completed execution of the call center construction project for the Moscow office of Pegas Touristic travel agency. The first weeks of operation have already shown that thanks to the new Avaya equipment-based system the number of calls taken and processed by the agency increased significantly. The project value amounted to 150 thousand USD.

Pegas Touristic is one of the leaders of the Russian travel and tourism market. Over 14 years of operations Pegas has turned into a famous travel agency with offices in the biggest Russian cities. Today the company has branches in Ukraine and Byelorussia as well.

In the summer of 2007 I.T. Co. has already executed a telephone system development project for Pegas. The scope of works under the project for the agency’s Moscow office included development of SCS, organization of uninterrupted power supply for the server room, testing and installation of Avaya exchange station. This allowed for connection to the city phone lines and incoming and outgoing phone calls. However the company growth, its geographic distribution and constant increase in the number of calls coming in from its clients and partners required modernization of the telephone network. A decision was made in the beginning of 2008 to create a call center.

The I.T. Co. specialists began the project from analysis of the client’s needs. Taking in consideration earlier successful experience in implementation of Avaya solutions under the previous project, a solution from the same supplier was offered for the call center development.

Pegas call center is based on communication media server Avaya S8500 and media gateway Avaya G650. I.T. Co. has also implemented the Avaya Application Enablement Services (AES) solution that provides a single unified platform for all Avaya applications programming interfaces and protocols. Avaya Voice Portal was installed to facilitate automatic clients voice servicing system.

All the equipment underwent testing in the summer of 2008. Its installation in the Pegas office commenced at the end of July. After that I.T. Co. developed a system for distribution of calls between the agency’s employees, and recording system for monitoring of conversations between the company’s agents and clients. Multiline telephone was equipped with voice control system allowing for transfer of calls directly to managers without the operator. Flexible call routing methods allow for calls distribution depending on the time of the day, day of the week and number of available operators.

The call center was put into operation. Currently the center employs 30 operators working in shifts, taking over 1000 calls per day.

Pegas Touristic General director, Anna Podgornaya, says: “The first days of the call center operation in the Moscow office show a significant increase in the number of phone calls taken and processed, and minimization of the “lost” calls. All this improves the efficiency of services provided to our clients and partners. In the future we are planning to create call centers in other offices of the company.”

About Pegas Touristic
In 2008 Pegas Touristic celebrated 14th anniversary of its operations in the Russian market. Pegas Touristic – one of the distinguished leaders in the Russian travel and tourism market – offers vacations in the most beautiful resorts of Turkey, Egypt, Tunis, Greece, India, Thailand, Vietnam, United Arab Emirates and Indonesia.

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