I.T. Co. Has Extended the IT and Education Infrastructure at MGPPU


I.T. Co. Has Extended the IT and Education Infrastructure at MGPPU
I.T. Co. has completed execution of a complex IT and education infrastructure development project for Moscow City University of Psychology and Education (MGPPU). The University received the required I.T.-University solution components designed for complex automation of education facility operations.

Moscow City University of Psychology and Education (MGPPU) combines scientific training of students with initial education focus on the city social sector needs with ability to solve practical problems. Today there are over 6 thousand undergraduate and graduate students attending the University.

In 2007 MGPPU became one of the winners of the contest held within the framework of national project Execution. The main objectives of the national project were: acceleration of modernization of Universities, implementation of innovation education programs, integration of science and education based on modern IT technologies. MGPPU innovation program “Development of psychological education program at the University as the practical psychology resource center” within the framework of national project Education also provided for the University's IT infrastructure modernization in 2007–2008. In the fall of last year MGPPU held a number of contests, as a result of which I.T. Co. was chosen as the executor of the University's IT and education infrastructure components development projects.

At first the I.T. Co. specialists have modernized the University's information booths and connected them to the common University IS. Moreover, the University portal contents were adapted for use at the information booths. Thanks to this the University student, enrollees, teachers and staff are able to gain access to all learning, scientific and administrative information from the University portal — information about the University, course schedule, news, information about extracurricular activities, etc. – through information booths.

During the second stage I.T. Co. supplied I.T.-University subsystem: Multifunctional map and access control system. The University will control access to study halls with plastic cards that are already being used at separate territories.

The final stage of the complex project was development and implementation of inventory taking system using contactless radio frequency identification technology (RFID). This system is based on another solution component – subsystem I.T.-University: University inventory tracking and control. It allows for identification and classification of objects, keep track of and monitor capital assets (track changes in location, control of the condition and other characteristics of assets), and presents the data contained in it in the form of analytical and graphical reports. In particular, the last type of reports, generated by the visualization module, allows for displaying floor-by-floor plans of buildings with indication of location of various items. The system can store information about up to 1 million objects.

Dmitriy Smirnov, Head of the Government Sector Business Development Department at I.T. Co., says: “Many universities are actively using innovations in their work now. Implementation of modern IT at the University will definitely let it reach the new quality level of the education services being provided.”

About Moscow City University of Psychology and Education
Moscow City University of Psychology and Education (MGPPU) was founded in 1997 on initiative of the Moscow City Department of Education. It gained the university status in 2002.
Currently over 6 thousand undergraduate and graduate students are mastering 12 different specialties in 10 faculties. The teaching staff includes 105 professors and Doctors of Science, and over 317 assistant professors and Candidates of Sc.

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